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Digimon? Digimon. DIGIMON!

Hi my name is Heavyrose, or HR for short, and I make comics (sometimes) for the internet.
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@Mastermind9: Zoom, there is none at this page.
Oh hi Rose.
@Martin Prower: Those cost like million!
That wasn't very nice.
Guest comic made by Martin Prower
Blu-Ray really wanted that cookie
Oh my gawd, when MP showed me this one, it cracked me up XD

<p><strike>Nobody tell Mastermind9 about the cookie</strike></p>
For past few weeks, I have been added by bunch of random people that I have never talked with and/or played with. I always speculated that those where just spam bots, and then...these two, yeah this kinda confirms that all of those people are nothing but spam bots

Even if one of them was named BigBoss6611, which is totally rad name.
Blu-Ray, you have no nose or ears, how the hell are you making those glasses to stay on your face?
@Mastermind9: Blu-Ray, Not Blu Ray.
@Martin Prower: Balls. thats what I get making comics 2 in the morning.
Due to the site maintenance and being busy (NOTE: lazy) I was only able to upload this today.

P.S: I tried to come up with another skeleton pun for the author's comment, but I could not come up with anything.

EDIT: Fixed typo.
EDITEDIT: I fixed a typo I made while fixing a typo, MASTER OF GRAMMAR AM I RITE GUISE?!
This here marks our new magical adventure of friendship and love! <p><strike>that's a lie btw</strike></p>
@MecanicalCH: Shiny Voltorb/greatball?
@Mastermind9: I will agree with your statement one hundred percent.
Yet another remake!
But this time it's from comic that was actually in Smackjeeves, so it's deserving of the actual number one!
Also blast from the past, NINJA KAKASHI COSPLAYER HEAVY!
@Mastermind9: "We're gonna be the two coolest robots here!" If only Blu-Ray was there to hear that, he would probably have some "sharp" comeback for that.
Where's Blu-Ray in skirt, I was promised gender less robot who identifies itself as man, woman, horse or toaster depending of the day of week and the mood of the moment in a skirt.