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What? Me? I don't exist anymore.

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am I the Proton Jon of PMD comics now
Welp, another year long hiatus. Somehow I saw it coming. This time it wasn't really intentional though, unlike last time.

Shortly after last chapter finished and I started working on the next, my laptop puked in on itself and died. Twice. That's a good start.
Thankfully I was able to recover some of the more important things, however I still lost a good chunk of my stuff, so after that I lost motivation to work on anything for a while. Not only this comic but my other projects as well.

However I eventually regained motivation and started working on everything like Fist of the North Star, the reason it took so long is mostly because I had to recreate a lot of things I lost when my laptop died. Doesn't help that I got sick AND had a lot of spriting to do for this next chapter in the first place.

I think I have enough material now to resume the comic, so yay. REALLY sorry for having another hiatus not long after the first one though. I probably should have put a notice or something about what happened but I'm really stubborn about these things and didn't want to return until I had a lot of stuff done already.
Maybe that's why Kirby keeps swallowing so much people, he transfers their souls into his infinite mind and turn their bodies into dust or something I don't know my own mind is a party right now

Also I'm going through Dedede Tour in KTD, and holy crap these bosses are kicking my ass. Haven't really died yet but I had a lot of close calls. I dread The True Arena
They found their tortured souls

also I beat TD's main game yesterday and I can confirm now that it's just... love
they're gonna find Mr. K at the end

also I just got Triple Deluxe and beat the first world and I think I just fell in love, worth the wait
Looks kinda like Drawcia Soul's battle background but idk
Keeby & Kirsy: Dream Team

I'm probably going to get Triple Deluxe soon I just can't wait anymore
They're gonna explode
I'm in the same Triple Deluxe boat as you. I want it so bad but I still have to wait uugggghhh

Also I can't believe Hoenn just got confirmed

And that's it for Team A.C.T's first 'on-screen' mission. This was a really fun chapter to make, it's nice to work on something other than Team Pok├ęterra after so long. It was also fun to think of moves and such for A.C.T, since they don't do a lot in the actual game. Overall I think it turned out okay.

Next chapter, we'll return yet again to Pok├ęterra.
You fools it's a trap
We're finally out of this thing. And also Lucario rescued yay
Panel 2, Keedygrab

I'm pretty sure trouble is going to start again soon
Keedy Kong

I swear this is eventually going to cause a chain reaction or something

don't mess with A.C.T
And here we go, more victims for Kirby's mass destruction
they're gonna die