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Hi! My name is Sam and I draw comics about Pokemon, Homestuck, emotions, and a bunch of other things.

The direction of my comics usually have a sort of psychological twist with romance and humor on the side. If you're into that, great!

I'm always trying to improve and my art style is constantly changing because I have yet to stay faithful to one. As it is now, I will take any kind of reviews or criticism for the sake of getting better at making comics.

I write unpublished stories that can be found here:
My art blog on tumblr is found here:
sorry s'been a while, computer's been crashin and such

also, new characters hey
sorry for the wait, tennis beckons my soul
February 27th, 2013
they're being nice for once
Warm Bodies, I watched it
first 2/3 of the movie, basically
first of many overused jokes it is
looks like mr bunny's jealous
( '.') <go fuck urself
(> )>
they'd be playing chess buuuuttt
i just ordered another cake and im eating it now for the second comic
first comic of Lil' Comics, let's celebrate with a cake that I will eat all by myself
sorry i've been gone for a month. was busy with holidays :/
@Janobii: nah, just the horns.
The holidays wiped me OUT
but im back n ready bby~
@MilaMiya: lol, i guess you could call it a poKONNECTION
weird colors
magically back to pokemon again
so they see themselves like this...yea
Zef's the name
so here's his gijinka. he's only lv. 15 so hasn't "magically" evolved yet
sorry i updated so late

but really what more do you expect of me

I dont expect much of me

thanks for reading this comic all of you! U3U muah!
November 11th, 2012
wow colors look nice
so did any of you vote?