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I'm an aspiring comic artist that hails from the WONDERFUL LAND OF PORTLAND!
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XD Haha... I love that. 8D And to help you, here is how German letters are pronounced.

Ah Bay Say Day Aye Ef Gay Ha E Yot Ka L M N O Pay Qoo Er S Tay Ooo Fow Vay Ix Ipsilon Szet

8D and the numbers starting from 1
Eins, Zwei, Drei, Veir, Funf, Sechs, Seiben, Acht, Neun, Zeh, Elf, Zwolf, Dreizehn (once you get to 13 you add a zehn to each number) veirzeh, funfzeh, sechszeh, seibezehn, achtzehn, neunzen.
:3 Poke me if you want to know more deutsch.

Note: @__@ I'm still really sick right now. *Goes back to bed*

8D Does she make things taste good?
xD Haha... Star Anisse
@A@ ......................... Guess who caught a cold? Gnnngggruuuuhh. That page I promised will be sketchy. *No... strength.. to ink....*
YES there is a reason I didn't draw his torso and it's not just because I'm feeling a tad bit lazy right now xD

Name: Uhhh... Just call him Ouija. Kids call him Luigi since a lot can't say Ouija or just forget
Gender: We think it might be male.
Age: ....... uhhhhhhhhh
Position: NUISANCE!
Likes: Pestering people, flushing the toilets in the middle of the night, throwing things, Ouija boards, bacteria, cranberry muffins.
Dislikes: Feet, dollar bills, people with scarves (Why are you wearing one?), poor dental hygiene, people casting spells on him, pecans.
Personality: Annoying, rambunctious, easily flustered (complimenting him will make he run away in embarrassment), easily bored, a bit frightful.
Info: Ouija, as they call him, is a strange creature that is neither a ghost nor a monster. He came to be one day when some teenagers were foolishly playing with Ouija board, accidentally summoning this creature who is just ANNOYING AS HELL. Now he follows the Gravekeepers around, nagging them and putting stuff in their hair. If he stands still, the rest of his body starts disappearing, which is great for him because it means he doesn't have to wear pants. Do not let that pretty face fool you... D:< HE WILL BE INSULTING YOUR MOTHER AND WILL MAKE YOU WATCH JU-ON AT 2AM!
Strange Habit: If there is an apron around, he HAS to do the dishes. He just has to, even if they're not dirty.
I love how you tone hands!
83 I'm looking forward to reading more.
Ooooo. The hair is amazing.
:3 I can't wait to read more.
xD Goodness! I ADORE your character. She's amazing. Awesome page!
XD HA. Poor bunny....
XD I love this
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May 22nd, 2010
Your art is just so addicting! I really love it 8D
xD She's amazing.
OoOOooo! I love this design!
However, there is no umlaut over the u in Guten Tag! xD
Sprechen sie deutsch?
Oh, woah, wow! I love your character!

Sorry for my slow-ness. I have to finish these last six history papers and THEN I will have a page up on Friday or Sunday :3
I'm going to make a response comic to this!
I love this page a lot!
;A; SHE IS so pretty!
;A; They're so cool! I ADORE that skull.
;A; Ooooh. He's so cool! Thank you very much for joining!