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I have brown eyes and brown hair. I like anime, yaoi, music, games, cats, and the color green.
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OMG! Haru looks sooo adorable, like a child almost! I wanna hug him. >w<
I'd most definitely buy your comic. ^^
Awe, his drunk Chibi form is so adorably cute! <3
I agree with rikka_ashen6 *Nods*
Awe, that was cute. X3
I'm sad that it's over though. D=
That's an awesome way to meet some one, don't cha think?
April 30th, 2010
I thought the same thing HolyChibi. A few others have too so you are not alone. =D
Love This Comic <3
Awe, I feel bad for Richard. He got rejected by the person he loves. DD=