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Go to for earlier updates on my comics.

That's quite shallow and pedantic, eh?
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This reminds me of that Spongebob episode with the imagination box. And we all know that that was one of the most magical things ever.

So kudos sir, kudos.

And yeah, thank you for making your comics! I just got caught back up :)
The theory about the accelerator making a black hole that could swallow the world was made up by people who didn't know pyshics. The LHC couldn't swallow the world, but it could create black holes. The problem is, black holes must have mass to start to "swallow" anything. So, the mass they would have is the two proton particles that were shot through the accelerator. The problem is, the black hole that would have been made would have been microscopic. The size of the prestated black hole would take it over 1,000,000 million years to even move your desk chair by an inch, thats how low it's gravity would be. So, the experiment was pretty safe D:

Anyways, about the comic 8D

Nice few recent pages, I like that new girl ;D
Let me guess, the dagger goes into the camera, shattering it?

Oh please tell me I'm right :D
Yeah, quite.

High horse much?

I think this might be someone you were telling me about, Sol.
Darn it...I can't remember...Is it that the demons cook the humans and eat them? Or am I just morbidly obese D:
Yeah, Lones face does look a bit weird in the first panel...but I understand, I'm also REALLY bad at profiles. :/

Sorry for the long absense Sol/KK. Just got caught up, can't wait for the next page in like an hour ;D

Moustache, glasses ad large nose...Thats all I got D:
June 21st, 2008
This comic is epic.

Awesome visuals, and a good plot. Faved.
Herbicide was the best D:
Yeah, Wii's suck. Don't waste your money on them in my opinion.

BTW, I had one and then sold it and bought a 360. I'm much more happy with my 360.
Yeah, I know it is. But regardless it could easily still be a random comic. Doesn't need to be strictly gaming.
Sol, just lettin' you know, I and I'd guess the rest of us, really don't care if the page is late as long as it does update on the day it is supposed to ;D

Good page otherwise.
I would say not too, I think the name "Chaos Mushrooms" sounds sorta like "Random Pancakes" so this could easily just be a randomly assorted drawn comic. No need to make it strictly video games.
I think they look like cookies >_>
Yeah, I noticed the hand too.

Looks relatively bad and impossible. :3
Awwwww, how sweet :3
I wore an eye patch for 1 year after my eye surgery. No one thought I was a pirate D:
Ronin is a synonym of Samurai, I remember that from a project I worked on :O

Great page guys.
I could really see this turning into some BL right now.

"WOAH, you really are a guy!"

Not that I read(Or ever have) but I imagine that is what it's like XD