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Occupation: Zombie hunter
Likes: Guns
Dislikes: zombies

About me: I kill zombies. I have a son named Ren WHO IS SO GAY!!! I don't care if he likes girls, HE'S GOING TO BE GAY!!!!
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    This is a persona of Carrie
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You know, that is so going to happen in DA 3!
Those people... epic fail!

Blame it on the Right Wingers that what I all ways do.
September 14th, 2011
I laugh at those people. Lol its like why would I want a man if I'm a lesbian? Think about this for a moment people. -_-
Dionysus has the best parties! ;)
YAY My favorite Dark Lord of the Sith who forgot her memoirs is back!!!!!!!!!
YAY red
Devil's Shine is very good, but you should give some time to this one.
Must have more
Luke's tree line, and Han's tree line. :3
*goes get popcorn* This is really good so far.
Epic, draw more!
yes! Life has meaning now!
Can't wait for the next page! :)
omzg thats my cat XD

No I'm not, I'm just... giing him mouth to mouth... I WAS DIEING!!! O_O
I win the game
YES! They kissed, I can now check that off on my bucked list. ^_^