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Yeah. Maybe you could have all of the authors add something to it.
Been waiting for this comic to come back. Could I co-author on this comic?
Oh well. I'm lucky because I like your lets plays as much as your comics.
Should have pressed up-C.
Welcome... to the Twilight Zone.

I made that joke so many times when I first played twilight princess.
actually, it would be toon link's final smash. I always saw "lazy" written over the identical triforce smashes
Come on link, run him down with a TRAIN!!!! (Totally should be his final smash)
Oh jigglupuff, will you ever learn?
I thought i was the only person above age ten who actually watched that show.
Falcon Inferiority Complex
Oh you silly footnote. I shall hate you even when the wall is gone. Go wall!!
Footnote fail! Also, it definitely was a tri attack. Can Dodrio use transform?
anyway, come on wall message, keep it going!! I am your biggest fan!!!
Sorry footnote, wall message totally owns you
I always look...
Where's the Codec?
But why didn't you make the obvious metal gear solid reference????
My mirage tower attempt was when I learned the GBA could take a fall from a second story window and glass is expensive to replace!
I think it's some kind of superpower. All of the trainers in Pokemon can carry a bike around with them. And a TV in Fire red, Leaf green.