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I like drawing cartoons, watching movies and playing videos games~! You could say that I am a mixed bag of awesome!
Sweet jesus.... *covers nosebleed* *wipe wipe wipe* Hurr hurr hurr! oUo
You deserve that 4K! You're story is super fun and your art has improved so much~<3
Thank YOU for sticking to it! No pun intended! BD
YEAH YEAH YEAH! You can tell I'm excited lol!
Love the title! <3
Oh yes!! Vincent!!! You are the best~<3 *hugs hugs hugs* >u<
Baaaaah!!! Heart you Kate!!! >u< *huuugs*

Love this page a lot! <3
Psssh! Whatever! Your drawing skills are still amazing~<3
Aaaaaa! Chakin! You'll always be Sir Russell in my heart~<3
I'll expand YOUR horizon....

in your pants!
Lol! I'm sorry, but omg! This is so amazing.... I don't even! Great job! >u<
Love the light effects on this page~<3
I'm loving this story! Soooo freaking much!!!
You will have soup! AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!
Waa waa waaaaaaaa. 8/

I love this series a bunch! Thank you for making an adorable comic~! c:
Haven't updated in a while! Sorry~!

My favorite character is about to arrive~! 8D
I'm glad you're getting this printed~<3 More people need to see your adorable story~! Keep it up! *thumbs up* ^^
Sir Russell~<3 >3<
Daawww... Poor him... ;A;
Fast flashback is fast.