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A short description of myself eh?


Damn. Now I want a drinking suit.
PRINT?????? <3 <3 <3 <3
Man, I do love the recurring chess theme between Peter and Christo.
Reading through all of Pictures of You (or just a book at a time) is indeed a good experience. I highly recommend it.

P.S. Will you be publishing the first two soon in print form? I'd love to pick up some actual print copies in a nice format. :)
I love the pink floofy text. I love it. An excellent touch.
If the institution of chess goes away I may just have to go into a corner and cry.

I really loved how shit has hit the fan in Bishop Street, too many comics fall into the trap of not wanting bad or emotionally deep things to happen to their characters, but it doesn't seem like this is the case here. :) Definitely looking forward to part three, my friend!

Big congrats, Gibson! I do hope that someone puts some video of the panel up on Youtube or something after the con, I'd be interested in hearing what you and other talented folks have to say!
Loved the Curved Space preview! Will the actual comic continue to be in black and white and another color? I kind of really like what Rori's done with the limited use of color so far.

Looking forward to the actual launch of Curved Space, it's definitely been good stuff, with a few nice subtle touches!
Gibson, my friend, you are good at what you do.

Also, I'm loving Curved Space so far. I've missed that ridiculous sense of humor from Cheap Shots and Whiskey Devils (not that it hasn't been present in Pictures of You from time to time), I'm glad to see that it has returned. Also, you and Rori are both nerds for using an all your base reference.

Much love, as always,
P.S. I did stay up an additional hour just to see this preview, even whilst dead tired from a long weekend. That is how much I love you guys.

And now, to sleep!
Hahahaha, just checked out the first bit from Curved Space! Knowing your comedic writing style previously from this and other projects from long ago (<3 Cheap Shots), I'm really looking forward to this ridiculous escapade.

Also, working with Rori on this one? I'm just going to go in the back room here and do a little fanboy squee. You folks are both awesome writers and artists. Excuse me.

Gibson, if you weren't already married, I would turn gay and marry you over today's incentive.
Damn. Good stuff. Gibson, did you know that you can write?
Damn. I've said it before and I'll say it now and I'll probably say it many times again in the future. Gibson, you are an excellent artist and an incredible writer.
Holy shitballs. Congratulations Gibson! You are a superhuman beyond all superhumans to put a page out the day after your wedding weekend. Seriously. You are the most dedicated webcomic writer and artist I know of.
Wasn't there already a forum before, back between books one and two that a few people used, but then it fell into disuse?

I'd imagine that your following is much bigger now (I don't remember the actual numbers), but perhaps a forum could take off in a small way.
Gibson, you are an amazing writer. Absolutely amazing.
Not even a deaf man?
I feel the urge to dig up some coins, melt them down into a circle, carve something ambiguous yet glowingly positive into it, and fly up to Canada in a hang glider to deliver it to you while prostrate in front of your blinding countenance.

That's how much I like this page.