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I love the color yellow, giraffes, manga, anime, disney movies, and henna tattoos. October 9th will be my first anniversary being married to my awesome computer nerd Phillip. :3 I'm a cat whore. I have an Australian Shepard mix and a pug with one eye. Being creative in general is my passion. I work with pencil, paint, clay, charcoal, pastel,crayons, dirt, blood...whatever I can get my hands on that can amuse my imagination. I'm new at drawing anime; It's not my best, but I love it and I'll only get better by practice. I hope you enjoy my comics :)
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December 7th, 2011
So I actually like the way you draw. I can tell you have one of those electric drawing pads..wish I had one, it would make my life a lot simpler. I'm gonna be a fan to see how this goes :) So I can keep up with it and see if it turns out interesting.
>Use Coconut for shield and throw a potion at the monster.
For those who were excited to see what happened to the nurse and the girl, I'm sorry to make you wait another two months! But look at it in a good way. This is will give me extra time to put more work into each page. Therefore my pages will hopefully look better. A reminder- I am new at designing pages on the computer, so I'm not as skilled as others on this website. I also need to extra time to practice more on my characters, backgrounds, and panel connections. Thanks for being patient! :)
put tooth in inventory and continue to explore.
I was supposed to upload today, but these past two weeks have been so busy. First week I was on vacation and this week has been filled with helping my parents when their car broke down...anywho almost everyday this week I end up waking up early to go off to do something annoying and don't get home till late. So I haven't even drawn the next page. I need to get on it soon. Just wanted everyone to know why I didn't update today. Thanks for the comments :)
thanks. :)
I like the way you created this. :) Can't wait to see what it is about. If you don't mind please check out my comic. I'm new and it's hard to get people to read it because it only stays on the just uploaded page for less than two minutes. Thanks. Sorry if I bugged you. I'm favving so I won't loose this so I can see how it goes :)
I wish I had the program and one of those little drawing pads that hook up to the computer to do make my comics. btw I love this soo far. Don't quit!! :D
I hope everyone can read this page. If anyone is wondering the fourth line says "..I'm draining the life.." After finishing the page I realized draining was a little hard to read. Next week I will not put up a comic because I'm going on vacation for my first anniversary being married :D So I won't have time before I leave to make the next comic. Sorry guys..Ask friends on smackjeeves to read my comic, if yah want :) thanks!
October 11th, 2011
NYAN CAT!!! It's just randomly there haha
Well I was almost not able to upload today because my laptop is being crazy. Earlier I tried to cut it on and it would not even let me move the mouse or type on the keyboard. My dad finally got it to work, sort of. I'm going to have to wipe my laptop clean I might miss next weeks because the editing program is only on my computer because my parents computers are too slow to run it. Well Hope everyone enjoys this page. Btw all of my lines are kind of jaggitty. I don't really know why, but it just does that after I export my editing project into a picture. I hope it does not bother anyone much.
I was just informed that my nurse looks like Princess Peach xD Haha her name shall be Nurse Peach lol, but no one will ever know. (unless you read this comment of course)
I have that game :) But mine works fine.
Since I'm still new at drawing comics, It was annoying to create this page >.< Took FOREVER!! So I hope everyone likes it.
Confused? Just so everyone knows this page is meant to be like a flash back right before she wakes up. She only remembers this small, tiny details.
New To This
So I'm new to drawing manga. (Attempting it anyways) I have been working on this story for about four or five years now and I feel like it's time to let the world finally read about it. I hope everyone likes it :)
I was so excited when I noticed you had new comics up. Can't wait for more. Please, please, please upload more!!!
Do you know the Super Mario Brothers? If so are you friends with them? And also do you like Mario or Luigi better?
I love this a lot!!! I thought it was gonna be dumb. I give you kudos.
hahahaha what are they going to do share her? xDD