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hiya, i studied graphic design and graduated 2009. i basically studied it cause i thought that through this i could enter the comic scene. it definetely got me closer, but i gave up on my dreams being published someday, so i now concentrate on webcomics. maybe one day i'll publish it by myself ...

what else is there to say: besides making and reading comics i digg videogames (also being an editor on a web gaming mag), movies, the 80's, 70's, languages...

well, 'nuff said :D
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    DOS (yeah really, it's my initials ^^)
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ich bin dabei, alles neu aufzuziehen, dauert allerdings noch eine weile, auch aufgrund anderer verpflichtungen.
this time around a little more effort drawing the comic, though unfortunately i didn't have enough time to draw the tree, fan and bottles. the characters took enough time though for such a teeny tiny comic series :p

hm, seriously, what's up with the two of you? no more chit-chatting with other smackjeeves members via comments? :(
yeah you've also become pretty silent on the comment section. looking forward to new pages :)
today doesn't only mark my first new page in months - feel welcome to read the comic over, every page has been altered in some way. for example, speech balloons have a more comic kinda shape, outlines of almost everything in the background have been removed (for a more unique style), esperanza's inner monologues now have a distinctive look (orange rounded boxes with white font), text has been changed where i saw it necessary as well as minor and big changes in some panels - some have been completely replaced.

oh yes, i also made espi's british accent visible by dropping out some 'T's :) and added backgrounds where there were none.
ah nice, thought you wouldn't update in some time :) (yeah i know, right one speaking :p)

are you affraid of drawing nipples? :D

how nasty, a pipinjoe in the tree.

side fact (you decide wether interesting or not): my surname is spanner, which is the german word for pipinjoe. sometimes it's not so funny to live there ^^ wouldn't be for johnny depp either since his surname is a german synonyme for idiot :)
ah hehe, i see :)

i like the new page as well! nice idea with the reflection in the water and what she sees in it.

you know everytime i read a sex-swap story, i think: "those protagonists never enjoy their change". there should be a comic where the character enjoys it. maybe i'm supposed to do that ^^ was always thinking about making such a comic, but first of all gotta move on with esperanza. working on it every day after work but progressing slowly, panel by panel...
sexy :)

it's getting spookier and spookier, now there IS a hand on the previous page! :o

(well, your commend kinda spoiled that comment, but well ^^ )

what does the thinking bubble with the question mark between her legs suggest? "oh, i'm not freezing down there while walking into the water because i have no male genitals anymore"? :)
hehe, nice turn of events :)

why doesn't she have a left hand on the third panel? ^^
thank you very much for your interest @heziel :)

i started a new job today (or to be morce precice an internship), but i am very willing to continue esperanza solitaria. it's just that i'm a little stuck at the first panel of the 10th page for some time now. i think i'll have to redo it. oh and by the way, i also changed some things on all of the other pages like speech bubbles and other details, i will upload the edited pages when page 10 is done. so stay tuned! :)
idea and realization:
David Oliver Spanner

yeah i know it's been a while :) been kinda busy with other things, e. g. rather writing reviews and previews than doing comics for gameradio. unfortunately most of you won't be able to read my reviews as they are not written in english, so enjoy the comics ;)

though i enjoy having a 3DS, it has its flaws which i wanted to point out in this particular strip.
wow, it's been a while ^^
was my first thought as well, panel 5 is just adorable! keep it up man :)
haha, seems you weren't quite in the mood for much details this time around as you're now even using "stripes" as replacement for backgrounds, not only for the stripes on her tail ^^
and you used the photo of a broccoli instead of drawing it xD
hiya, great to hear! welcome back!
haha, yeah, majora's mask on her head ^^
here we go again :)
i really enjoy the comic, it's a lot of fun. but i think unifying it a litte and putting in more of a storyline would be cool. there's quite some potential (as you've shown with the origin story). keep going :)
@Kenno Arkkan:
i don't think the fox mask from ocarina of time is a knock on pokémon, by the time ocarina was around i don't think they already had come up with pokémon at all...

btw un comic maravilloso :)

siempre lo he visto en la lista de propuestas, pero nunca lo he leido hasta hoy dia. muy divertido y los dibujos, wow...

he leido que tambien tienes el comic en español, pero prefiero en ingles, se ingles mejor ^^
just to be sure: lazy tyke (normally) is straight, right?