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@JigokuNeko: Well, ok, fine - too young to get married. But why wait when you've found the one? Anyway, I am speaking for myself only of course - but the ending could have been a little better. It just felt very sudden, you know? Maybe something you'd like to consider for future reference :) You did a great job of building up the story and characters; it was a great read, despite not being complicated at all. I dunno, maybe what's missing is their first official kiss or something? You know what I mean?
I really like this comic, you know? I hope it gets animated at some point. It really should. Oooooh, I can just imagine it..... Azumanga Daioh-style.... For the Massive Win!!!
What, that's it?!? Oh man, that's so anti-climactic! But what about them getting married, having sex (sex scenes ftw!), so something! Why does aunt Amelia get all the spotlight right at the end?!?! Whaaaaa....???
O_O Whaaaaat?!?! Infighting?!? Nuuuuuu!!!
@JigokuNeko: If your life partner thought any less of you for having had sex before marriage - then you'd know right there they aren't worthy of you. True love accepts everything and anything, and won't be deterred by such petty details.

I just thought it would have been cute, is all :)
So like... did they sleep with each other during the weeks? :/ Bummer. I thought it would have been romantic if they waited until they got married ^__^
October 28th, 2014
Ahhh there we go, that familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach... I'm sure this'll be another great story. I like the setting so far. And I'm so glad you went for a hetero couple this time ^_^ John reminds me of Ben a lot. And Uunii is a lot like Tuumee :D Daaaww, I'm such a hardcore fan >______<
@Rip: I've PMed you something :)
@Rip the Hunter: Oh dear, really? Well, as long as the injuries don't make them all ugly :P I like my protagonists to be pretty ^__^ Vain that way, I guess. About backgrounds, here's a tip: find or take photos of places that match what you want, manip them a bit, apply filters and voila! What I do sometimes is take several backgrounds and trace stuff from them onto one layer, creating my own unique version. Takes far less time ;)
@Rip the Hunter: Most awesome, thanks ^__^ This just makes for an even better reading experience. I can't wait for more; I really want to see where this story is going. You've shown us you can REALLY put a plot together with Redux, so the stakes are high!!!! :D
Aaarrggg, cliffhanger!!!! :D
This is getting more and more interesting. I like how deep it is so far. It shows you've given this a lot of thought. If it's anything like your Bleach Redux, it'll be super. I'm actually learning things about negotiation! :D Oh and remember that place holder thingy? It be great if you could activate it here as well. Thanks! ^__^
@sliver quick: HAhahahaha!!! Oh that just cracked me up :D
@Afterburner: 0___0 REally??? YAAAAAY!!!!! ^__^
I hope you keep coming back with more sketches ^__^ And maybe another story? Maybe the story of their kid????!?!? OOOOHHH!!!! That would rule so much!!!!! *_________* Think about, won't you? ^_^
Again, I've been here before, but this is still one of the most heart-warming love confessions EVA'!!!!
@Afterburner: Awkward?? Not at all! This could only seem awkward to immature people :) Ben displays the kind of love that is the RIGHT kind: caring, selfless, patient. We're being fed too much of the selfish, short-sighted, hormone-powered love, so we might not notice the REAL kind when it comes around. But you certainly nailed it :) It's inspiring how you wrote him. I am going to steal some of it for my own character since it's such a great template ^__^
Man... this is such a good comic. It should become an anime. I want it to. I'm re-reading it now after a time, and I'm in love with Ben all over again ^__^ He is soooo kind... kind with the kind of love everyone should have in their life! You did such a good job on this character, AAWWWW!!!!
@paladin_313: Yep, MM is for original stuff only, as far as I can tell :)
@IXsage: Thanks man :) We appreciate the support. We will do our best not to leave you people hanging!