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My goal is to make it big with Candyman!!!
Why? 'Cause....I wanna have a panel one day....(At a con)
So! Help me with my dream! Read my comix and pass them on!
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zomigosh hiatus like woah.
I'm returning....
thanks, I thought it looked strange at first.
Pretty! Color for me!
this what happens when you talk to chocolate
what's up my peeps!
A word. Candyman begins in the fall, and it's beginning get cold in this chapter. Hence the tea and scarfs.
Well, he still believes meron is a guy, so that makes him straightly gay. It's like...when girls fall for haruhi in host club. They're still straight, they just don't know what they're doing.
This chapter is OVAH~!
May 7th, 2010
see naruto? THIS is why we don't play in the rain.
Thanx for taking a look!
This chapter is ovah!
The comic is nice though.
hn~ Your digimon look good. Maybe I'll upload my digi-comic as well.
The second version of this page..
Partial credit goes to my friend grace...
and so it goes..
I'll tell you now, things'll get random. (Ya might wanna enlarge...)