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Hello there world!

I am Shawna K. Although my pen/screenname TheWelsh. Just call me Welsh k?
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    Shawna K.
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October 19th, 2011
I kinda prefer Lochlan with shorter hair >>
That tiny little sad smile Kae has just about breaks my heart.
I'm kind of giggling at the fact that Simon is actually keeping count of Sergio's little quirks XD
OMG Ed stop being so weird about it... you're gonna break Liam's heart, I mean, look at that face! He's gonna cry :c
Liam still manages to make the same cute expressions he did when he wasn't so manly XD
Julien looks like he's a LOT younger than Ed or Liam... Ed's a creeper pedo XD
Liam's losing his babyface! I wonder what Ed will think when he sees that. tehe
Am I the only one who notices that Dake is so happy about leaving he doesn't mind Tommy touchings? XD
Just when I thought this comic might come back, it died again. I felt like drawing Brooke and this is what came of it.

Brooke: *makes kicked puppy noises*
Pffff, love the kid's comment to what Tommy says!

(Also, have fun visiting my work place for the week.)
Eeee... I like him with more modern-clothing. <33 I think I still like him more in his usual though *nod*

Brooke: Ooo... Seke I like your shirt!
I changed his colors a bit and made him a little more stocky (he is a corgi afterall XD), and he got a little more mature, so he's not quite so naive after his long absence.

Enjoy <3
Brooke: *wags tail happily and jumps on* SEEEEEKE!

I like the revision <3 I'm going to have to draw something of Brooke now... after work.
Oh goodness, wow, people are alive?!

I'm going to have to draw something to celebrate this joyous occasion!
You know...

I'm totally glad that we, as readers, get to see Yurue. C:
TADA! Comic page from me! *dances* I got so many good ideas rereading through all the pages and pictures and comments on here and decided to throw them all into one comic!

Be on the lookout for more. (Even if Clyde does disappear because uh... apparently Clyde's creator isn't part of this collab anymore. I noticed after I had the whole thing drawn. *shrug*)

Brooke: I'm happy to be back. We're gonna have lots and lots of fun everyone!

Me: Hehehe >:} You have no idea...

You're back! Yay! I'm almost done with the first page of that comic I told you about. ^___^

Brooke: TOBIAS! *hugglecling* You're back! *wags tail happily*
May 28th, 2008
That first panel totally just made me burst out into laughter. XD
I think I was the only person that wasn't freaking out about Henry possibly having TB.

Only cuz I've been as sick as he is without it being TB. I can honestly say coughing up blood is NOT FUN.
Just what the title says... lol
Seke, Brooke, and Tobias. I've never drawn all three together and felt the urge to the other day.

I'm going to end up coloring this soon, so look forward the the color splendor!