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drawing is a great past time, also reading manga and online comics/mangas.

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July 22nd, 2010
its not even the story im excited to see everytime u update, but how every page ur art and style improves. i can only imagine what your art will look like in a month!
November 12th, 2008
omg hes going to get kneed!!! lol
May 22nd, 2008
=0 oh no he didn't! just called out on Falc's caveman-ness

<333333 love the comic btw!!
i love ur comic!!!!! :) just wanted u to know <3 <3 <3 <3
April 2nd, 2008
oh i feel sooo sorry for that guy
spent a lot of money
on the ring, dates, flowers and all that jazz and no action???
i'm surprise he doesn't have sperm running out of his nose! lol
just read the whole comic... i love the plot is creatively written, and the character reactions are natural and ur art style is amazing!
everything flows nicely.
keep it up :)
i love this manga so far seems really well done :D its nice feast for the eyes ;)

and chocolate is freakin' amazing haha
February 29th, 2008
i think i'm in love lmao!
February 21st, 2008
i love your art style <3 please continue to update :d
February 4th, 2008
yummy hairy chest XD hehe
February 1st, 2008
ohh i love his face in the second last panel so cute and it's even cuter when he tries to hide it :)
lovely page hun <3 just amazing; i think it's was worth the hurting hand.... the first panel just rocks!
December 19th, 2007
i know this sounds odd but i love the eye brow design u have for the main character !
November 7th, 2007
:O omg who is it????/?????
October 6th, 2007
man u update soo fast i'm seriously jealous!! i love this manga by the way :D
very cute <33333
keep it up!!
jeez he;s soo cute :)
September 18th, 2007
:( this sucks :( but i know how you feel about your scanner my old one was a sun of a gun too and always made funny noises
his logic beats all i think lol
August 4th, 2007
lol god i just love the first panel lol
July 23rd, 2007
its okay take you time with this stuff :)
but its soo cute too see him care :D