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I was thinking about drawing down a story i've had in my head for a while... but that's, like, a seires.
Anyway, stories are awesome. Illustration is neat. Why not try Smackjeeves?
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I don't know what's happening either.
It looks like, if you squeeze someone's neck hard enough, the skin around the stomack will rupture and their guts will bulge out with enough force to rip their coat.
Beggars can't be chosers.
... but you don't like storms?
Beggars can't be chosers.
... but you don't like storms?
Named after Rapa-Nui?
I'm not even attached to this comic, I found it today, and you had me freaked out.
xD don't tell me this is Gash Bell with kitty demons.
i'm posting to many comments, but i admire the way you draw elbows.
not a vary realistic reaction from the girl (what was her name?). It dose look like you were lazy.
she's got a pretty short skirt, he can't be that far out of her leauge (joke).
... but that's it?
SmackJeeves must not be as old as i thought.
... are you sure you haven't been published? I've seen some official manga that's crap next to this.

[EDIT] and that's illustration and writing.