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I'm the seventh child with a little sister. I've been into anime and manga for a long time now, but I'm also interested in art in general. I love to collect asian candies and containers and look forward to reading all kinds of different mangas here. =]

I have several internet accounts either under this name or benakittie. Feel free to message me at any of them or friend me. ^___^

How'd the interview go? :D
November 22nd, 2012
oh no! Don't fight! D:>
Awww, poor Leif needs some love. :,(
At first I thought...a a ring Sanders? XD

I really love the random sparklys. :D So romantic
OAO Beware the raep face!! O[]O
MWAHAHAH!! Group Hug!! >u<
XD He's too cute! I cracked up in the second to last panel. This comic is really great and I loved the color a few pages back. Amazing.
WHHHHAATTT!!!?? You've updated SO MUCH since the last time I've read this!! How come I didn't know?! Oh well, you've just made my days off more interesting. :D Thanks.
I couldn't help but laugh. Wow, talk about love/hate relationships.
XD Greatest Victory EVER.
OAO TT__TT I saw completed on the comic and I nearly cried reading this page.
Man, i miss being a TA. ; __ ; The only thing was that the teacher I was under wanted me to be another teacher and gave me a bad evaluation. Totally sucks.

I'm glad you found the job! :D
The last so adorable. It made me think, "Awww! This is why they're still friends." I didn't expect Aiden to go all psycho! O__O Made, but not beating the guy to a pulp. Aiden owes Damian SOMETHING.
I just noticed on your main page. :D and thank you. ^--^

Awww, looks like Jock was expecting Sanders to move closer not further away. ;D

Never mess with da Payton. O__O She mess you up good.
For some reason I felt really sad for Skull. : (
Maxie has good taste. ;D
Where were you in this?
X] Awww!!! This is just too cute. Poor Gin though. Thanks for answering. :D
@constant_boredom: I was just thinking that!! 8O

Hm, So is hardly ever a good way to keep things going. O__O *Waits in suspense*
I just love how you draw outfits!! XD