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Hello~ my name is Hannah! But it already told you that didn't it? Well, I love to draw manga and will most likely be trying to start a comic soon, despite my inability to draw proper backgrounds~ :D
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That caution sign is magical.
Harrison's hair looks somewhat different, in a good way of course! It has more layers or something....
Most definitely yes.
Their hair is utterly stunning on this page.
September 14th, 2011
@Dizzy: I concur.
Both figuratively and literally.
Happy Birthday!
I can't decide which Rory is cuter,though I might be leaning toward the girl version :)
I would really love to be mad at Ed for that, but it was way to cute. :)
That was a great comic and a wonderful ending, I could not have hoped for it to be any better~ :)
Don't feel bad! Whoever stopped reading must be oblivious to how wonderful this comic is. :)
I REALLY want to read that paper on Gurren Lagann feminism~ :)
Rory is so cute, with his rainbow hair :)
I've read this comic over five times (on the honeysyn website) and this part always makes me kind of sad, since it's the end of their story~ :)