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Hi! I'm Shayne, the writer and colorist of Hi Ookami! A webcomic about an open minded wolf in a closed minded pack and all the trouble he gets into! it has a little for everyone, so please check it out!
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do you take cash~?
its a step backwards but as they get over it its two steps forwards. like me and my girlfriend when we fight. A good move, builds character depth and relationship.
you should have made the condom wrapper rainbow. xD
what, no pikachu? darn. ^^ this page made me laugh.
so I thought you should be proud, that I went off and started a new game on my FireRed Version and before I'd really thought about it I named my character Atticus and my rival MaskGuy and my charmander Dragonthing. I wanna know what to call my Pikachu! Atticus had to have some snappy nickname for it right? I can't wait. ^^
where are his face lines?
and he smokes. totally looks soooo much older then 14...
HES FOURTEEN!?!?!?!?! He looks like hes at least 17!!!
April 7th, 2011
i just realized that the Prev. button says sounds like perv.... it made me crack up with the look on smokers face... xD
March 30th, 2011
thats soooooooooooo adorable!! I totally feel the hunters pain!! i was in this cosplay and I swear to god I was the only one the charger guy went after..... >.> awesome page!! You should totally do more!
holy crap really close to the beginning comment! like the beginning comments..... nice page! love the blue/red eyed weirdies. And Horus. His face is awesome. xD
February 8th, 2011
It can't end here!! >.< I've spent three days readingthis and It's wonderful and I love it but it needs more Maggy on Razzy mansmex... Just saying. Is that chick gonna do some nasty stuffs to him? O.O I hopes not. I love this comics art btw~ I wish I could do art like yours so fast!! ^^ Good work~ ^^

Nice pahe, H0ly. loved the last pannels.
@ H0lyhandgernade
We started reading To Kill A Mocking Bird today in my english class and when we read the part introducing Atticus I was like "OMG Like the guy from Mokepon!?!" And My teacher was like "Wut?" And this guy across the room was like "Yes! Mokepon rocks!" I have to say... I have a new best friend. ^^ xD
I choked on my chocolate milk when I saw this updated. No joke. YAY SEXY ROOSTER MAN!!

November 28th, 2010
Goodness, like tea much? anyway, I LOVE the art in this comic! Clicked it cuz Paradox was pimpin' it and I'm so glad I did!

Edit: OMG second comment! A first, for me! Woot!
I have officially named my charmander on my fire red game Dragonthing. I hope your proud! xDDD and nice page, I love his 'I won!' face.
For some reason Ursule reminds me of Axel from Kingdom Hearts... just got that Axel pose and Axel expression... Love this comice, btw!