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Eli the Animal
I am Eli peeps of Sj :3 beloved Spriter, artist, and father (scratch that last part) I have been spriting for around 4-5 years now and I hope to get better so I can rule the world :3

I haz friends too >:C

Here dey are
xXCreatorXx <3 <3 <3
Mist <3 <3
Cruz <3 <3
Jake <3 <3
Lemon <3

(finish later gtg)
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It'll be epic, since Im now better with photoshop and all that, I've got alot thats the same from here, it's just being done on my new account, enjoy ;D
;-; u make me feel short naow ;-;
Eli the Animal
January 23rd, 2011
thx all :D

@Ult: I used for the panles, and for some stuff Photoshop

Mist: I only used it once ;-; and theres a good reason

Effio: yep, i do :D lol
Eli the Animal
January 22nd, 2011
Thx :D
Eli the Animal
January 22nd, 2011
srry, i was sick, then I just took a break, on the other hand though. I have photoshop :D

*made last panel in photoshop and*
Eli the Animal
January 22nd, 2011
making update right naow c:
*cough*I got mine free*Cough*

Thx for the tut
Eli the Animal
January 17th, 2011
Yes, it does I hope :D

Btw thanks :D
Eli the Animal
January 15th, 2011
ima try to update today =D

ive been sick lately ;-;
kinda looks like a design thats stolen for me with the one with mask ;-; I has skull ;-;
cool comic, but in the future try not to rush so much :/

Eli the Animal
January 10th, 2011
>Smack mom >:c
Eli the Animal
January 2nd, 2011

Its the portal thing taking Tails >:C


I came on msn >:C i was on for a few hours. I waited for you
Eli the Animal
January 2nd, 2011

Kinda like how this one in :/

I hate knuckles expression at the end.
I had a diff line for him that was good bit forgot it ;-;
Eli the Animal
December 30th, 2010
thx Coop :F

from now on none will make sence LOLJK
WTF! yeah this helped, but man, I luv that sprite!
Eli the Animal
December 29th, 2010
Hi all, again, I upload :F

I love how this one came out, especially the effects that I made in panel 6

Credit to others (sprite credits later on credit page when made)

Support: Creator really helped me too, he helped me know how to make those epic eyes, and those mouths, AND the bubbles, and alot of other stuff

Effects: Mist really helped me when he taught me how to make the kinda that were in the title page, ive been using them C:

and a BIG thanks to Blitz'n'Burst. I once left Sj for a few months and didnt plan on coming back, we were on a diff site togeather and he got me to come back, im grateful he did :3
Eli the Animal
December 29th, 2010
somewhat, but your getting close
Eli the Animal
December 29th, 2010
lol k
Eli the Animal
December 29th, 2010
wait wut?