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Mecha the Hedgehog
I am a crazy guy, I like Sonic, read, write, and other CRAZY things. I have two comics: Tales of Metal Sonic, and Love Adventures. I update them every one or two days.
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>Kick in the face your double.
this. is. dead.
anyway, I'll fav it.
Comics I made while blindfolded.
First comic for Chapter 2 coming soon.
Sorry for the 4 day delay, I was busy.
Yay for Chapter 2.
Commands available:


You can control Silver the Hedgehog now!
Command the love.
Poor Metal.

Bad cover for Chapter 1 added.
Command the love!
Crazy cover.
It's bad, I know.
@Mastermind: Yes, it can be a girl, a girl can help you, but sooner or later you will have to find a boy.
Blaze the Cat 7-5.
Command the love!
wow, so many people
>Girl wins 3-1
Select a girl

Amy: 5
Blaze: 7
What would you expect from a robot that hasn't been activated?
It's my bad english.
Happy now?
...oh, sorry.
ANOTHER chooseyourownadventure comic.
Come on, command the love.

Boy > 1
Girl> 3