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I come from the FUTURREEE! I am, in fact, a martian- since *insert number of centuries here* from now, that is like, where, EVERYONE comes from, duuuh. >8D Ohya, and I forgot to mention that I have four arms and four legs, tentacles, nine eyes, a bajillion wings, six faces and a very large legion of zombies. Uhuhuhu. *feels so pretty* <3
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    Buahaha Hahahoho xD
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I thought the elemental power humans were legendaries taking human shape.
Atta boy, Atty boy. Becoming Atty man. This manana.
I read that as 'a ticking nose is heard' Snape Snape Severus Snape. XD
March 11th, 2017
@weirdcartoonist: You're absolutely patreon worthy! The reason why people can mainly produce fanworks and not get sued for their patreons is because the fans are sponsoring the artists themselves, not paying for the fandom stuff they make ovo
December 1st, 2016
I think Patreon is supposed to work like that ovo
He's such pure bratty goodness... I miss bratty Luke from Fabre qq
October 11th, 2016
I detect that someone wants ta smooch an alchemist.
October 3rd, 2016
Okay but what IS that beard
September 24th, 2016
I always knew you wood return
AAA YES YOU'RE BACK YON <3333 ilu and your comics and art
There's an elephant in the room :V
Her wand :C
I just hope she'll be ok... she's been through so much. She can overcome this qq
@Takeshre: Not that I approve of murder, but he's a magical teleporting being of immense power. I think most parents wouldn't feel comfortable leaving this issue to the local authorities, so if I were, say, a prosecutor, I would not deem her a danger to society unless something a lot less specific to this situation came out in her psychiatry.
How does he eat with so much beard O_O
You can't just tell someone that having an existence like yours twisted you into a horrible and tortured wacko, and then say you'll raise a kid better than a normal human... xD
Yoooo. Dude. You could just be symbiotic instead of a Trojan horse virus. Depend on each other and don't be cruel toward one another. Come onnn.
Well said.
Chris needs to 1) save her babby 2) do something about horrible magical threatening asshole that treats people way worse than she could have ever treated anyone?!

Even if they did have a (horrible) deal in the past, I would not for a second think that Fair should be getting his way.

In the first place, the deal was horrible. For a couple nights of hard work, you would dare to ask for someone's future child? In a situation where refusal would have been death for Chris? Fair could think 'wow humans suck didn't I save you' all he wants, it's only natural that he ends up being the bad guy. He set himself up to be one.
Aw man, I hope the people in the town aren't gonna catch them...
Maybe they slipped under or behind furniture? Has happened to me before.