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No, Ollie! Don't restore the status quo! The status quo is evil! D:
Robots and teams, please!
Oh, I know who that is. It’s 3-D from Back to the Future: jpg

Hmmmm, nah, that’s stupid…maybe it’s Sollux from Homestuck?

No no no, can’t be him either…WAIT, I’VE GOT IT!
This guy is the Tenth Doctor! I just know it! .jpg

Yeah, Casper, that disguise ain‘t foolin‘ me. I’ve got it all figured out.
Ollie totally works in that suit. :3
December 3rd, 2010
Heh, these two have been on quite the admirable journey. You picked a great way to celebrate the 100th strip, and I look forward to what this change in formula will bring to the series. :3
Please tell me that did not just happen. Please? DX
My, what girl WOULDN'T find Clinton appealing? 9_9
I REALLY don't think it's Percy. I think the idea of being romantic towards another person is a little beyond his comprehension. XD

Anyway, I think it's kind of early to start blurting out theories...not that I don't have some of my own, but can't we let the story unfold a little more before pointing fingers? ^_^;
If you didn't know who the captain was, you shouldn't have assumed.

Plus the people had a say in who the GM was AND what new theme and player types would be used. They can't decide everything.

And besides, you had someone killed before the first killing was to occur. That's not only breaking the rules, that's trying to wrestle Mozz's control of the narrative away from him. So no, that couldn't have happened...
Well, he certainly looks ratty. XD
Hexaditidom: Yeah! Cats, rats, parrots, cnidarians, and *hopefully* a squirrel or two! :U
[ Muh-doo-see-o ] [ Get-e ]
Species: Merman, Sea Anemone type

Medusio was once a care free citizen of a small undersea village, until the day his village was attacked by diving suit clad barbarians known as “Bulkheads”. After escaping the onslaught with only an enemy harpoon that narrowly missed him, Medusio went into exile on the surface.

Adjusting to life “topside” was a difficult process, but after two years of very strange adventures involving a crab the size of an island, a flying whale, and a pirate captain obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of time travel, Medusio slowly managed to integrate himself into land-based culture. He‘s learned a lot of English, and he seems to have accepted the human custom of wearing pants, so he’s mostly set.

He’s currently moving from ship to ship, hoping he might find others who managed to escape the Bulkheads’ attack, but also to stay away from any enemies he made during his time on the surface…then again, time on this particular ship just might result in *new* enemies…


* He’s a friendly, sympathetic kind of guy. Has a very laid back attitude; likes to take it easy.

* Still angry about the attack on his village, the sight of diving suits tends to get Medusio riled up.

* What looks like a bunch of thick dreadlocks are actually anemone tentacles.

*His eyes are only seen when he’s portraying strong emotions like surprise or rage.

* He lacks toes, but his feet are formed in a way where he almost has them (it’s kind of like he’s wearing socks). The straps of his sandals go between where his big toe and second biggest toe would be.

* Speaking of which, fun fact: on account of anemone feet being adhesive, Medusio must constantly wear things on his feet or they’ll stick to the floor. It takes effort to get them unstuck, so walking becomes difficult for him without shoes.
1: I am IN, baby!
2: Ghostbusters sounds like a fun theme, but Pirates sounds easier to be creative with, so I'll go with Pirates.
3: No to Jesters
4: Yes to Lawyers
5: No to immortals
6: I got nothin', but quick question: will you be implimenting "freemasons"?
Mozz is the bozz! :3
August 7th, 2010
I had no idea it was that easy! D:
August 7th, 2010
Girls are getting pregnant earlier and earlier these days. ._.