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ello guys :D! Akari here :3 imma aspired mangaka & i will be eventually posting until my computer works!I'm kinda antisocial so I bite :3. aren't i fluckin fantastic :D????
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September 22nd, 2012
I just lol'd so hard XDD
OMG She was singing Shinee's Sherlock I love her forever nao XDD
June 25th, 2012
Kitty got claws XDD
January 17th, 2012
Last panel=BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3
..I still love her XDDD
XD your chibis are full of win
Dat azz.
loving this comic XD keep it up!!
~Feel free to respond to this anyone >w<"!!
~~Ayame is a baby when it comes to new environments ^^" even if he is the big brother! Haha his siblings are no help .__.'s beautiful owo
Becuz life can be a betch .__. i haven't updated but i will soon with a chizz load of pages!!
i think this post should vouch for most of the authors.... >w< *hides in corner*
happy belated valentine's day & bday :D!!
XD i learned something from a yaoi comic!!!
he's such cutie :DD
XD i love him already!! him and Ayame wont mix XD him and junsuke could be buddies owo
lined paper FTW XD!!!!
gah D:
oh noooo dont cry!!!! D:
owo so cuuute!!! *kidnaps*
technology has failed us v.v