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Attention!: I have no idea what I'm doing!

In all seriousness.... I'm not a serious person.
I have a pretty bad illness. About 3 years running now. FFXI-itis. Takes me out of comission for like 6 hours a freaking day. Bastard.
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This is really amazing, I'm in awe.
As beautiful as ever. And I wish you luck
Wooow! That looks amazing!
I love that guy's hair. I wish I could color mine like that. I'd mess it up, though ;.;

Good job so far. I like it ^^
Wah, It IS cute!

Great job on Red, too. XD
As always, amazing. I want to read more of the story, too! What you have posted so far has interested me.
Your artist certainly has talent. Where did you say you found her? I'd love to see a web page or something of hers.
Got to love the trench coat. Compared to the last sketch I like this one better. I like how gruff he is.
Oh my Gawsh!

Quite cute, I must say. I love it. :D

And YES! Updates to Something New!
Exellent, molestable uke on a stanger's bed.... Mmm yes. XD

I always enjoy your stories! Keep them coming!
OOoooOOOOOoooh, what happened?!

Both you and your artist certainly have talent. The art is amazing and the story hooked me!
Keep up the great job. :)
Mmm shoes....
Ian't draw shoes worth a damn. Nice job :)
Sounds cool. I love a good shounen-ai story. :) I'm excited for updates! :D
October 10th, 2006
Wow, looks great. I'm excited just to look at the art.