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It wasn't even my fault it was the car that was ahead of her. But still she acted like i was high or something.
Ya know I wouldn't be so scared of the little beasts if I could figure out what kind of spider bit me that one faithful day on christmas eve...
Gotta love the chub. I have a chubby boyfriend and i love it. Better to cuddle with and pacts more warmth. You keep with your amazing work. You're getting all these moment perfectly to how they really can be the first time.
September 16th, 2012
YUSH, finally an update. Totally worth the wait.
September 15th, 2012
I am officially hungry now....And wanting someone to cook my food too! D:<
Must have been sleep fornicating with Lia in the dream, seeing how he has not opened his eyes once since we found him cuddled up with Ekio...
A stoners mind.....I'll never understand
My boyfriend, his friend sarah, and I were having a delightful conversation and then suddenly my dear Jordan remembered he left cat poop sitting on the floor at his grandma's....Chick-Fil A was on his mind...Its only logic.

Brain + Chick Fill-A = Cat Poop
This....this got me laughing for a good hour...I love this more then love!
You're a brave lad to wear that in Winter. Take a bow, bravo.

Another question if I may? Do you have a favorite bed time story/fairy tale? Would you want to live your life in the lines of the story if you could?
I love this. Your coloring is so clean and simple to look at, yet so capturing.
Well I'll be damned. I had sorta of the same experience and made a comic page out of it as well.
It adds the icing to the cake that Ada's expressions are filled with so much distraught and hurt while Sharon's are pretty much saying "Oh bitch please, you have no idea how magical that guys penis was."
It was a good day to cry but not to be alone...
I was with my friend in Portland....His driving kept me on edge the whole time...till the last day I knew I was going to miss it...
Best panel EVER.
fun fact
It was the first animal I ever taxidermied
Its my good luck charm.
Breaking Bad
Ever watch it? It was recorded here in my little New Mexico any who its a great series cept the two main actors are looking like each other more and more. So thats where this came from, plus I was caught by my boss...
Mint whats your favorite outfit to wear for every season of the year?