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The comic has moved!
Yep that's right, you heard it here it here first? The comic has moved a completely autonomous site. So please go over to and bookmark it as the new home to the comic. I will continue to post comics to this site, but this site will always be 3 issues behind the true site at Read more as to why i did this on my blog page on this site.
Oh noes!
So yeah...I am in the process of setting up the new site for punkinstudios and so far I have managed to totally mess the install of the content management system like 88327429874 times. Eventually, i will get it. Today's comic was replaced by this extended version of Divergent mondays because i felt my mood needed reflection!
just testing
testing out the comment system to see if it still works after code changes. Please excuse :)
YAY!!! 29 pages and still going!!! I am loving my new B&W style and I think it is coming out awesome! I will be going back to color soon, but I think just going B&W for a little bit will help set a grimmer tone maybe when needed. Let me know what you all think! Also, read the news section for my blog entries. Plenty of information there along with random thoughts and pictures of my dog.
Thanks man! I appreciate it!
Hatred and Rage
See the Blog/News section for more info!
One truth is revealed
A truth is revealed here, but what is truth if not subjective?
Bitter sweet
Family Reunion.
Between brothers, there are many secrets.
Darkness enters
And so enters the great darkness. The bringer of chaos and the ender of worlds.
Here we begin to understand a little of where that previous anger comes from. More to come too...
A good scolding
Sometimes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty!!! Don't break your chew toys. Master doesn't like that.
Little dwarf girls and men
Of men and little scared girls.
Word Police...
Your comment actually made me smile! I will change it when I update with today's page. I actually think that's a valid thing to point out. Thank you!
I want to get this fixed! I will be trying different things throughout the day to get it resolved. Thanks for being patient.
Fun by any definition that is dwarf.
Ewwww heheheh fun!
Alrighty then. I reduced the table width for the comments to a mere 750 pixels wide. This should, hopefully, resolve any issues with smaller resolutions. Please note that I do not support 800X600 resolutions. My comic doesn't even look that great on 1024X768 much less 800X600.
I see!
Ok I just made my browser go all tiny and i see what you mean. at smaller resolutions the ads do funky things. I will get right on that.
big blank square
I would love to but I don't see what you mean. You mean that the comments are not showing up between the ads to the sides or do you mean you would like to see the ads up top next to the comic? This is a new layout I am running and just want to make sure I get what you mean. I am all for making it seem smooth.