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They should kiss then go out ;D
WELL, Sadly, I don't have a favourite character (I love them all ; n ;) But I'll tell you why I like White Noise. At first I thought it was going to be an alright manga since at the beginning it had that little intro and everything. What I really liked was that Riona had this like mysterious voice and that when she made friends those people don't judge on what they heard but what they saw in her. It was beautiful, the power of friendship. I hope to see many more developments for the main character, this is why I still keep reading and of course the fluffy shoujo awesomeness! <3
Well, recently I'm all for the Kirans being together, are they canon ;D
They make the cutest couple!
On Mangafox
This is on Mangafox! I was looking around then all of a sudden I saw this, I was like WOAH O_O *dies*
F my life was my first reaction, xD!
Same thing happened to me for my homework T_T
Um, That was it...? I was expecting way more. Meh, if that was it pretty short and I thought it was sort of a side kind of the main story! Oh well, to the extras xD
Finally they kissed! :'D
:| That is one killer dad, and I mean he IS a killer! D: K.O HIM MR.GRIMM!! D:
In your series, I find that I love Hades better than Zeus! :D
Bob, please K.O those girls.
D: OH NOES! Update sooner please!~ :D
If it's a cat fight, Chino would freakin murder her butt! :D
Uh oh, :( Miyu's evil DX Go Rei!
IT WAS A DUDE!? ZOMG. Anyways, update soon please!!~~
Haru looks like the assassin from RO!
That girl's evil :P Probably the BULLY in your story am I right :P? eh?
NO! They didn't reach each other in time! :O