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I'm more of a writer rather than a drawer LOL. I read a lot of yaoi (boys love), as you can guess from my faves, and I also love writing about it too <3 Of course, I also write hetero (boy-girl love) and yuri (girls love). Roleplaying is a lot of fun too, that's where my random thoughts of writing come from xD
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. . . . . . Who would have ever thought that Matt was a bastard... Oh wait! I did >:D
@KrisM: Holy crap, I love you xD I LMAO when I read your comment!
OMG that is crazy!! It's like the time I was with my friends at Magic Time Machine (people that serve you dress up as characters like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Madd Hatter, Aladin, ect) and it was for my b-day. We were sitting at a table when I had sighed and said 'I wish we get Indiana Jones, I love him!' (HE IS DAMN SEXY, I MEAN IT!!) and the guy poped out from no where and yelled, "YOUR LOVER IS HERE" before giving me a hug. I swear, I almost pissed myself... Then I found out my friends had planned this all along xD

But, I agree, no matter what it's still freaky 0.o
I love it x3 Mostly the waiter, he made me snort for some reason... I hate when they just pop out of no where and give you miniature heart attacks Dx I swear, they all need bells or something...
In other news~ Love your story, obviously, I squealed to myself when I saw you posted another page :D So happy x3

HOLY SHIT~!!! I GOT FIRST COMMENT!!! I feel so... so... so proud of myself /cries tears of joy
Pffff I laughed so hard when I read Tommy's reaction xD It was just too funny!! And I wanna touch his teeth so badly..... x3

I want rooster!!! But I can't Dx I have enough animals.. Haha
Hopefully it won't Dx I'll be without Lost Love, and that's not something you should take from me D:< Lol x3 But I think we'll all understand if you tell us before hand rather then making us wait :P
Ohh and no lol. Like, you know how people make one shots for like Naruto by adding their own character or putting two together (Sasuke&Naruto!)? I'll be doing that, but I won't be adding my own character (most likely) and it will be Matt and... Daniel, I guess xD I have a lot of time so I'm just getting everything through my head x3 I might do Matt and Simon, though, it all depends on the day, I guess. Anywho, it will be almost exactly like a one shot rather then a entirety different story ^0^ If that makes any sense... I can explain it more, but I'm being a bit lazy, I'm sorry haha.
On two other notes, is May gonna say something like she was in an abusive relationship D: OOOORRR IS IT GONNA BE LIKE MATT'S?! That'd be epic....
The last thing, guess what... Simon's birthday, I just noticed as I'm looking at the characters, is the same as my birthday!!! Holy mother of crackers, I feel so special <3
Awww Rupert's so cute <3 I wanna hug him!! Well, after he's done attacking Leif.... Haha x3

I love all their expressions in the second panel, Aiden's 'Glad that's not me' one, Damian's cute and adorable face, and Ray's 'Idiots' face xD
Yea, as long as you're not dragged into it or have to stop any problems :P I should be thanking you for doing it on the best days ever haha!
I hate school with a passion Dx I can't do anything without school work taking up half of my day and by the time I'm finish, it's too late to do anything or I'm too tired to do anything. I hope school gets a little easier on ya, would hate for you to stop the story because of school D: Not that we'd be too angry or anything, we'll understand (with pitch forks and what not :P), but it would still suck Dx
Oh! I was wondering, before I forget, is it alright if I do like a short story like this one? It's for school, but I also plan on posting it on a different site (depends, really) so there's going to be two different versions haha. I wanted to ask before hand, just in case you don't want your characters out of the story. Everything will be... Damn.. Forgot the word... Uh... Righted? Yea, let's just say that's it... To you, so you won't have to worry about me stealing it, haha. Feel free to say no, I just wanted to make a 'one shot' since my teacher asked for a 'different' kind of romance.
If you say yes, I can't wait to see his face when he reads this >:D (He's gay, so it's like perfect!)
Thank you for taking the time to read this btw... I almost forgot to comment on the actual page! I love May... and also the 'Sushi Enthusiast' that made me smile x3 (remember to put some drama!! xD)
/nose bleed
/laughing hysterically

If I'm guessing right, then the second one seems appropriate for this story xD Ahh I love this comic >:3
Hahaha xD I love drama! It's so much fun, as long as it doesn't involved me :P And I am really glad you did this on Wednesdays, I have to wear a uniform on that day and I usually hate it but not anymore xD
Thanks to you, my computer is now all sticky from spewing soda -.-

xD This made me laugh, cue the spewing, really hard for some reason x3
Aww this is so cute <3 I love May and Matt, like Clouds is saying though x3
I kinda want something dramatic to happen... Like, I don't know, someone *cough*Daniel*cough* found the two together and that's where more drama happens... xD

I love your story, I can't help but squeal when I find out you posted a page or two up <3
Yay! I'm excited that you started posting again ^0^ I had forgotten what this was called so it took me forever to find it Dx I did it though! I'm also happy that you didn't leave us in the middle of the story, it's wonderful and I love it <3

An another note, love the story so far <3
I love your post xD I loled! But I totally agree >:)

Poor Leif, he looks so depressed as he looks at his room D:

Love this page, especially the first panel. The third panel looks kind of weird, like his nose is cut off, but it's probably because of the hair x3 But it's wonderful none the less <3
I would totally start throwing shit by now... "LEAVE" Throws bag "ME" Throws jacket "THE FUCK" Throws shoe "ALONE" Rips off stall door and throws.... Yea, I'd do that x3

Still not liking Ojii, I agree with Darkneo, I'd SO kick his ass for hurting Kajin... Out of love, of course <3
I speak German!!
Just a little bit x3
Love your drawings, their wonderful <3
I feel a bit like a stalker... Knowing you from two places xD

OMG I just realized I was your 100th fan!!!!!!! x3
I would say it's a rock but... And I hope it's something cute <3
Or like AnimalCops, I want a snake x3
o.o.... YESHH!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

-cough- I mean... Love the page, especially the Property of Hiro on his back x3