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Awww, they have so much in common after all. *u* <3
I'm sooo curious to see her response!! Will this win her over? Or is she too stubborn? Something tells me that she won't give up so easily, I bet she secretly enjoys their little arguments. xD (I know I would. XD)
It's always worth the wait! :) Especially this time - things are starting to get serious~ OuO
Why do I have a feeling that Alicka is a type 2? xD
aww, i love her sick expression in the 5th panel... xD poor alicka!
All the details give such a nice atmosphere to this page. *u* I really like all of the Winterkill interiors. I want to go there! XD
Personally, I prefer set updates, as they give me something to look forward to. Then again I imagine they also put a lot of pressure on the artist... I'd be happy as long as there are updates, regardless of when. xD
Wooohooo!! So glad you're back! :3
Good luck!!
Ooooh, so handsome!! <3 And the style reminds me of Fuyumi Soryo's works... (Ah, I used to love MARS as a teen *u*)
He...he is too cute. TnT
Someone actually told me the exact same line when I was a teen. °__°(I used to pout a lot and overreact like Beth does XD)
Well, he does have a point. xD
aaah, i like Julien more and more. C:
Uhhh what's with all the people complaining about Kenneth being a hunter? I for one would love to see him being all badass and having a stand off with Lawrence. Besides, it’s a fantasy romance story guys, not a suspense thriller! What kind of unpredictable twist are you expecting exactly? XD No offence.
Julien will so catch him. XD And agreed - awesome new layout. ^^
meanass parents T-T
Thank god the sound was a bit off with me too!! This thing nearly gave me a heart attack...can't imagine what it would have been like *WITH* the sound... OxO
Maaan...I am SO using this one on my kids one day. |D
FINALLY! A series that does justice to vampieres for a change! Thank you! :D
awesome interior!!! *u*
Lol. I expected that he'd go: "Why, yes, I know I'm number 1. And? What is my reward?" XD
looks like i was wrong. XD i should have's camelia's story - what twist was i expecting?? XD