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hey guys! animeprincess here, thanking you for visiting my humble profile, poke around see if you like anything other then that i got nothing to say <3
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there it is! a direction for this thing to go we just need readers...
main plot time!
get it comes...
the gaydar was my idea
sassy form
am i the only one who loves it?!
cliche time!
of course this is about love what else would 3 teen girls make a comic about?
and just like that the moment's gone
but we get to meet our main character's gay friend! fun fun fun
oh my
look at this drama! what could be happening here?
*flips out and dies* best thing ever!
my friend will never skype with me again
i squealed when i saw the update!
my first drawing for the actual comic! woot!
Anime Princess: time to meet the artists! They are locked in my closet drawing more of this "lovely comic"
ChiChi:mmmmph mmmph!! (Help! Send help!)
MoonAngel2: I'm slightly here by choice but I am protesting the crappy make of this and the lack of plot
hello there! this is AnimePrincess speaking for myself and my artists, who you will meet later. I am the "writer" of work if you can call it that, you can barely call it a comic but that's besides the point at this moment and will be covered later. At this point all I'm guna tell you is that this comic is going to be writen mainly in school (psychology class to be exact) and will be on lined paper with minimal editing, so if crappy quality annoys you leave now, if not, click next! <3
*throws papers up in the air in frustration*
....ok i'm taking back my multiple personalities theory and throwing out the theory from that movie where the guy gets the killer's hands in a transplate and starts kiling people, the girls got her bro's kidney and now she's become a guy...kinda...maybe...i have no f***ing idea anymore
multiple personalities?!
i'm loving this! you did the whole voice and eye color change?! i love you! i'm so into multiple personalities, they're so cool to learn about (if that's not what's going on here please ignor my fangirling)
gay drama is so much better than bullies beating up the new kid <3
i was so hoping he'd secretly be a magical ninja or something
@Zeroshark: yay hope for loving him again!
March 6th, 2012
*slams hands on computer*
AH HETALIA! i think i broke my hand on my laptop while fangirling
March 6th, 2012
that's me everyday by 2nd period!
nuuuuuuuu! i really liked that adorable punk boy now i must hate his little lying blackmailing life runining ass!