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Dark KillerFish
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Now, just like any sub-culture, there are those fanatical minorities who make the rest of the culture look bad. Don't judge all Hummies by this one example.
I bet there's a DDR: Idiot's Version Xtreme (tm) too. And I still wouldn't do very well on it. Damn genetic engineering leaving me with two left feet and a second nose.
@BeamStalk: I prefer to think of what I do as executive planning, resource reallocation and downsizing.
It's not just a giant pile of dirt! It's a cunningly disguised forward staging headquarters for an army of flesh eating radishes!

Yep, good to be back.
And I'm back. Damn illness.

The most important part of getting along with your new room-mate is to find an activity or interest that you share in common.
Damn those misleading hats worn by kids. I keep thinking that my home town is under shark attack because of them.
He certainly is a "hoot"
With his hit single "Cephalopod Rock"
Dammit Laz, stop making me Google people I don't know!
For Science!
Yes, I must! Science needs to determine just what the out of pocket expenses Polar Bears will endure by having to commute to their new jobs as Penguin bodyguards!

And I dare anyone to say that this is a silly and frivolous thing to do! Because anyone who does obviously does not understand science.
Polymorph! Or perhaps Alter-Self! Get that spell!
Polar bear bodyguard
Polar Bears live in the Arctic, whilst Penguins live in the Anarctic. The commute would be hell on the bears.
Didn't they make a gun shaped PEZ dispenser once?
This might explain it a bit better.

She must have one hell of a plastic surgeon to still look so young after all these years.
... Dammit Laz, you are the King of The Fake Out!
My button says: "Bullshit". Unfortunately it calls down a metric town of overly ripe manure when I use it.
Thank god he didn't do his impression of an angler fish.
Oh, I get it, they're cops, so therefore they are "pigs"
Everyone needs happy fun balloons.
Well *that* backfired spectacularly!