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Hey! I don't have to the time or the talent to draw a full out comic. I wish I did, but I'm prowling around for collabs. I could do that.

I love doodling, writing poetry, and reading webcomics!! XD

I'm 20 years old, in college, and working two jobs. And I'm a bisexual female who loves gay man-loving. Get over it. XDD <33

And believe it or not, but I do update regularly on ALL of the collabs I'm a part of. <33
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Second that. I lol'd as well. XD
I like "maybe".
She's so cute!!

BTW. I've not been authorized to post comics yet, can someone take care of that?
How cute~~ ^.^ I love the expressions in the last panel. You can definitely see the personality difference. <3333
January 16th, 2007
I wanna molest Maru-chan. Mmmm, that's my kinda man/cat.... erm...
*worry worry* what does that say about me...
You always have the best outfits/designs on skin/for skin...whatever. They awesome! >.<

*Luffles you and every character you've ever created*
I just realized who Lawrence reminds me of! Vash the Stampede near the end of the series when he's pretending to be a normal guy. So hawt!