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Well, I like anime alot. I have a slight dream to be an manga artist or something around these areas. (I hope to one day make an anime series in my name. ^^)
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I think this is so cute. ^^
But now I'm really curious about the marshmallow dude. :sweat:
I like this style of comic. ^^
For some reason, I just don't like the storyline that much. :sweat:
Other than that, great art. ^.^
Yeah Dadda, can we please
There's nothing like home. ^^
Whoo, if God's givin him a sign it's definentely the aliens!
I want to die by bungee jumping and have somone cut the line. XD
Hah, that's funny. ^^
Hah! That's hillarious. Oh the agony of thinking your safe. >.<
October 10th, 2006
I like your comics story. ^^ I'm adding it to my faves if you don't mind. :3nod:
October 10th, 2006
I like your drawing style. <3 It's way better than how I draw. :3nod:
lol , it's so true!
hah, Sasquatch writes poetry. That's GREAT lol.
I had made your comic a favorite of mine just two days ago. I <3 your comic! It's just as great as Pinky and the Brain. :3