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I think I have an idea who that baby is.
Not gonna spoil it for the others though :P
Awesome glow on Luke and Leo's hats. *checked the Character Bios*
I seriously can't memorize everyone's name.
But keep it up anyway!
That was a great story! I'm sure that I'll follow Adding Zero when it starts updating. ^^

P.S. 2nd panel looks like the dialogue is not in order, but that could be just me~
Going in water won't be good for Dr. Light's cold :P
*sees cutscene*
WOW that's a big city. Anyway~
Command: Everyone: Go to the guy with the mustache and hat that's closest to the center of the city and ask if he knows about the Platinan Alliance.
I wonder if Leyon was supposed to say "I CAN'T use those STICKS with these claws." But anyway...

Command: Everyone: Go to Silvertown once everyone's done eating.
Command: Nin: Give Leyon something he can eat. Possibly Rosa too if she can't use the chopsticks.
About the first panel...
Who's telling Eggman to shut up and for Bowser to start? I'm thinking it's Ganon/Vaati, but I'm not sure...
I feel bad that they all have to hear him speak.
Read the entire thing and it's hilarious! X'D
Keep up the good work!
@ Hero of Comedy
I was actually thinking of that as well XD
Arai: Ask about the orb you have.
Arai: Ask the Black Knight about the orb you have.
Command: Everyone else: Ready your weapons if the Wyvern and Black Knight attack.
Command: Intravius: Command: Rocky/Dirty: Have him go first, in case there are any traps.
Command: Nin: Ask Ocsid what the retry spell does (credit to digikoopa for coming up with this ^^)
Command: Penguin(If possible): Go first, in case there are any traps.
Command: Lyla: If the penguin won't go, ready your bow and go in first.
Command: Everyone else: Do something random (not switching rooms mind you :P)
Command: Lyla and Marcus: Use mental link to press the button at the same time.
Command: Nin: Talk to the fairy.
Command: Shabky: Make a health potion.
Command: Everyone else: Do something random.
Arai: Bring everyone to upper team and ask Orlando which way they should go (since he says he knows all the passageways)
Command: Shabky: Make a sleep potion.
Everyone else: Do something random/useful
@DragonhandX - I think Curax was the green dragon. Anyway...

>Marcus: Ask Orlando if there is any way to get his friends out.
>Command: Irnick: Go back up the ladder and light the mysteriously unlit torch (yes, I still remember that :P)
>Command: Nin: Follow Irnick up the ladder and pull the torch if lighting it doesn't work.
>Command: Everyone else: Do something useful/random
Same as the_mad_one's comment except switch Marcus and Nin's roles. Marcus unlocked the door with his sword before, so he should do it again. :)
>Everyone except Shabky: Look for the secret entrance in the room.
>Shabky: Make more exploding potions.

Where's Orlando the Ghost?
Second Solara
Whoops, I thought whacking Rocky would work. Anyway...

Fifth Mad :P