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My name is Danee and I live in Colorado. I a graduate at MSU Denver and I majored in fine art. I love to draw and create characters for my Role Playing game Hoopla. I keep myself busy with art work, story ideas, cleaning of the house (to show my parents how awesome they are for letting a 27 year old live there for free while going to school), and hanging with my family and friends. I love Japan mostly because I got started on Anime but now I have very little interest in anime and I just love the culture and hope to live there some day.

I like Ml(Man Love) ... not bl(boy love) mostly because some boys look like girls when they are young and what's the point of gay romance when you are not getting the full taste of MAN on MAN ... and I enjoy creating stories that involve it.

I have Skype.
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@YangKing: Hello. I use Photoshop cs6. and thank you
@akitary: ^^ sorry, it almost was. I just need to really learn how to make these love scenes amazing.
@Aqui: thanks. I just started a new full time job. It's taking me a while but I should have something soon. Sorry about that. Adult life sucks.
@RweyLing: thank you. It's mine too.
@dragonpunk15: lol thank you. I apriciated it.
@Riaya: thank you. Ill check it out.
@Remawolf: thank you. Ill check it out. I have starfighter. I love that comic.
Things are getting juicy
I'm having to look up a lot of gay comics and movies so I can get a good idea on scenes and positions. I'm learning as I go.

Does anyone have any suggestions of some good gay webcomics?
@Ighon: I'm glad you got that. LMAO Poor guys.
Vinny's first time with Vangi
I know this might seem strange on how I'm going to do these pages but bare with me. I know how weird Vinny really is. heh.

When you had your first kiss, did you miss?
@kitsune09: Page 31, I promise, he explains why his hair is tied back. And thank you for the support. ^^
@Ighon: Thanks. I figured I should loosen up. :P
Sorry Day late
Sorry, I am a day late. But now it's up. And this Saturday is the beginning of the smut pages. woot.

So what kind of home do you prefer? A cluttered and crowded one or a clean and crisp one?
@Ighon: hehe I'm glad it feels ominous. He does mean something else by it. :D and yeah, Vinny is such a Pink boy.
@shadowpen: Thanks my man. I keep missing that.
Two pages this week
So I have some good news. I'm posting two pages this week because starting next week are the hormonal, sex scenes. WOOT.

I know this is what most of you have all been waiting for. I usually like to take my time to get this part. I think it's best to get to know the characters first before you see their sex positions. *snort*

So question for this page, Do you live alone? or do you have a room mate?

Remember to not release private information about yourself online if your not comfortable with everyone who reads this comic to know it. *wink*
@Captain Apricot: I agree, there is nothing better than drinking with friends.
@goon: Its interesting how much non-alcoholics are reading this comic. I like that. And so does Vangi. He approves. ^^
@shadowpen: I can understand that. I'm only aloud beer and only one. I don't like how alcohol changes my moods.