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Hey Enkida!
Does the date you have as an ending include Autumn Song as well? :)
I am really sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Congratulations on the baby on the way!
This is sweet. Great job as always!
Great job!
This was very beautifully colored.

I hope everything works out. Nice job on this page. :)
I am glad Autumn Song is going to be included in this comic! Nice job on the artwork on this page. :)
Real Quick Question

Do you plan on making another comic for Autumn Song? Thanks!
Very cute with the little ones! Great job!
He looks wickedly cool!
He looks pissed as hell! Good job!
If looks could kill...
They seem to be both pissed at each other. Good job!
As always nice job. You portray their emotions well. :)
Damn Yuffie is really pissed! Great job!
I reall like angry and fustrated Yuffie :)
Yeah, i like the angry Nanaki!
I look the look of contemplative Vincent in the second panel. Great job!
I really like the look on Yuffies face as she is turning around. LOL great job!
How cute!
This is wonderful! yuffie reminds me so much of a child here because of the epressions she makes ith her face. Very well done!