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I have a major yaoi obsession...serious problem...
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I'm sorry to say that there appears to be some misinformation on how early humans lived. While lives were short I doubt there was ever a time that humans didn't practice sex for leisure. Humans love sex, we evolved to love it and to do it often. While maybe exclusive homosexuality would have been frowned upon, it would be ridiculous for extinction to even be the tiniest threat if a few members of a tribe practiced homosexual behaviours (in fact, as I stated earlier, there is a very good chance that a tribes survival chances would increase if they had a few homosexual manners).

Even exclusive homosexuality aside, bisexual behaviour would have always been around. Just look at our cousins the bonobos, they're groups are pretty much all bisexual orgies.

I understand where homosexual acts could be shunned, as it often is, but to say that it would cause extinction is ridiculous and downright insulting, even when referring to a small tribe.
On a note of everyone needing to breed with ancient humans, there are actually a lot of theories that a family with homosexual members would increase the fitness of the children. The logic is the same as the grandmother principle, in that it's better to have multiple people looking after the welfare of one child than only one or two parents looking after a child. Quality over quantity really. So a family who has a few breeding members will benefit from having an aunt or uncle that can dedicate their time insuring the survival of their siblings' children.
...this isn't going to be like the last Harry Potter book where everyone I love dearly except the main characters die it?
hnnnnng, He is such a good little sub.
November 13th, 2010
bondage AND shota? you know how to spoil a girl! >///<
September 16th, 2010
asdf oh that was a lovely little vote...mmmmm
September 8th, 2010
aaah he's so wittle compared to him! it's making my size difference kink go wild! :3
September 8th, 2010

or bartender...please be a bartender >.<
September 6th, 2010
mmm that is one sexy lady! >///<
September 3rd, 2010
raaaape please!
August 24th, 2010
pfff no homo my ass >.> i'm betting no one can resist those pretty green eyes...bruised or not.
gaaaaaah so cute! *dies of shota overload*
ooooo a gentlemen badass? oh my, i'd tap that...if it wasn't creepy and pedophiley...



ooooo his mom's a tramp. That explains a lot XD

Yeah young mothers...Sometimes they can be fantastic (ala gilmore girls) but for the most part, they're just kids themselves with no idea how to raise their own.
paradox...though it's really more a comedy
oh...oh my, how did I not discover this delightful work earlier? I'm loving this!

Oh Lucifer, you make me giggle.
translation? XD

Is there a school financial aid office that DOES know what it's doing? I don't believe so...
ah, I want to help, but I'm currently doing a year of volunteer work. So no extra cash for me XD Maybe once I join the working force and if you're still doing this...
squeeeee! can I rapes him pweeeease? He's so adorable!
I like the traditional colouring method for this story, it fits better.

Loving it so far, I want an outfit with sleeves like that! *plans a trip to Korea*