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A must?
Could you please burn down the forest with dragonthing? lol and if you could have the bug catcher annoyance killed? That would be the icing :)or at least Atticus punching him on the nose? lol

But whatever u make up, i'm sure it will be sweet :D Love the installments :)

P.S. Loved the caterpie that got killed! I lol'd at that for a while! :D
I love the colouring in this, especially Dragonthings grin at the end! He loves his trainer :) Is he ever going to say thanks to ickle Dragonthing? :)
Amazing <3 that was worth the wait :D
Thats priceless! Runt is so loved :) lol
Excellent work hun :) truly a work of art :) you are really amazing! :) The guy with the pokemon mask...i'm guessing its Gary Oak as he wasn't found...if i'm right...may i have a cookie? :)

Reply: AHAH! My plan to get a cookie worked :) hehe, but seriously, i can't wait to find out who he or she is :) Excellent story telling! *takes cookies and nibbles it* :)