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Jason is the script writer for Wonderland, his interests include heavy metal music, poetry, webcomics, and things that would make a 12 year old giggle.

Jenny does the art for Wonderland, her interests are art, writing, piano, and being addicted to Final Fantasy.

Both are English, and therefore love tea, scones, and cricket... Also queuing and complaining.
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    Jason and Jenny
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Jenny is really not well right now. I'm sorry but we have this to keep you moderately entertained while you wait.
I told you she was short :p

Either that, or I am way too tall.
Jason here!

I promised at least one picture from the expo... I'm thinking I will put another one up soon showing the REAL height difference between Jenny and I.
O hai thar
Hello everyone, Jason here.

So, unfortunately, there will be no comic on Monday, as both Jenny and I will be at London MCM Expo, and it will not be long enough to be finished. However, I promise there will be at least one picture from the expo as filler and to keep you all amused.

Also, I regret to announce that after this, Wonderland will not be updating on Fridays any more. However, the good news is that we are doing this so you can get bigger pages like this one, AND IN COLOUR.

Oh yeah, I knew you'd like that.
Last of the flashback.
Hallo! Jenny the artist speaking :) Sorry for the delay in upload, but I was really poorly last night and couldn't finish inking in time.

Hey hey! Only one more comic strip until the new changes! A.k.a, longer strips and in colour!! I haven't decided whether to change the updates to just Fridays or just Mondays, so I'll have a think, and get back to you soon!! :)
Sorry it's late, I forgot to put it on auto-upload and only just realised...

Sorry peoples.
Well well well
Jenny speaking!

Hope you're all enjoying it so far, the flashback story is nearly finished, and I'm nearly through my buffer so one day soon I'm going to have a huuuuuge chug of comic drawing ready to ink for you guys.

I was also thinking about after this little flashback section, of doing longer strips for better continuity, they would also most likely me in colour.

However, this would mean updates would only be once a week. Thoughts? Opinions?

Enjoy your weekend!
Page 8... Epicness.
Sorry the proper sized version was up late. It's Jason here, and I was out for much of the day, and only just got back in at 3:15 AM.

Either way, here is the properly sized comic.
Judging by the look on both their faces, we should be due some awesome pretty soon.
We apologise for this comic being later than it should've been, but to compensate for that, we have colour in it! Yay! Whoo!

Now love us.
Hello, this is Jenny, the artist speaking.

I'd just like to apologise for not updating this Friday, but, due to incredibly personal family reasons beyond my control, I've been unable to finish the strip. Normal service will be resumed as of Monday, and if I get a chance, I shall try and make up for the missing comic.

Please accept this apology, and have a great weekend.
Here is Page 2, and page 3 is due on Monday. This should be interesting, as I travel to University on Sunday. Hopefully I should have an internet connection in time to put it up. If not, Jenny will hopefully be able to upload it. There shouldn't be any problems though, I'm just saying this in case there are any problems at all.

Also, YOUNG GRANDFATHER! Yes, the randomly twinkling man is his dad. No, I have not got an explanation for his sparklyness.
So here it is, the very first page of Wonderland! I hope you like it, because it only gets better from here, including the art, as well as the writing. As first pages go, though, this one is pretty good if I do say so myself.

- Jason
I have to say, both Jenny and I (i'm Jason) love this comic. Jenny is a total yaoi fangirl, and I admit, i'm rapidly becoming a fanboy too :p

I love your art in this comic, and your storytelling is fantastic... But mostly I just wanna see Tommy and Dake get it on!

Also, I friggin' love Horus. Most epic dad ever.
@ James Birdsong
Glad to see you like it! Don't worry, the actual comic will begin uploading very soon... We should have the first actual comic up in 10 days.

And we're off!
I am very proud to say that this is the title page for Wonderland, a new project from both myself and Jenny. I hope you all enjoy reading the comic as much as I enjoy writing it!

On another note, this comic will upload regularly, as soon as a good buffer is built up. Do not expect a comic for a short while, but as soon as we can, we will upload 1 comic per week.