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My name is Jennifer, though on most accounts I'm known as Flashpelt1.
I'm a huge fan of shinto theology, my main comic of the moment; Inari, is based on that and updates on mondays so go check it out if Japanese folklore interests you!
I Live in korea for the time being but will more than likely be moving to the USA this summer. Gotta say I'm going to miss living in asia and I dred the reverse culture shock ;n;

I am a furry in case you were wondering (Just saying because people seem to ask me that a lot lol) No, that does not mean I'm into weird crap.
I suck at drawing humans, so don't expect to see many of them in my comics or art in general.

I got started drawing in Middle school (2008) because I was a huge fan of Warriors. I've kinda grown out of the fandom, but I do have a Warriors fan fiction on here that I very rarely update, feel free to check it out if you would like to see how much my art has improved over the years. And if for some reason you do enjoy the plot-line, I have the completed Fan fiction posted to Wattpad (link is in the comic)

If you're interested in watching me draw comics, check out my Picarto account! Username: Flashpelt1
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April 20th, 2015
Thanks for 25 Fans!!
AGHN Thank you all so much!!

There is an art for you!

<sub>Hahen needs to learn to keep his mouth shut</sub>
April 20th, 2015
Little bit late today ^^;
Sorry for being a tad late with this one!
Havent been on the computer as often as I normally am! (since im moving soon ive been trying to spend a lot of time with the friends I have here cause might never see some of em again <strike>ahh the joys of moving //s// </strike>

Will try to keep these posted on time in the future! I just had em done out of order lmao, pages 7-9 are complete, but pages 4-6 werent XD now 4 is obviously, and I will try to finish 5 tonight lol

I am considering changing styles and/or media... not sure though, and if i do, I will redraw these first few chapters in that same style to match XD
April 2nd, 2015
Been working on a bunch of buffer pages as well as other things this past weekend!!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, Happy Spring Break to those who get it, and happy spring solstice to all!

I personally do not celebrate Easter for religious reasons, but dude, painting eggs is just too fun to not do at least once a year!!
Just a random thought, anyone ever considered doing a zombie run on Easter morning? I mean hey, its about Jesus rising from the dead right? Why the heck not do a zombie run!! ((as Flash just totally goes and offends all her christian readers)) *coughs* no offence meant lol
I don't have time to do some fun special page for the holiday, because of spring cleaning and getting rid of crap that I no longer need, if I had more buffer done, sure, but I don't.
However! I can offer you a sneak preview of some pages that will be in this chapter :D

<img src=" zf.png"/><img src=" jz3.png"/>Hope those are good enough to tie ya over for now anyways XD

The Inari Contest is still going on over on my deviantArt! There will now be 5 winners instead of three, since the contest has reached 10 entries! The more entries I get, the more prizes there will be :D (pt prizes are also available to be converted to pay-pal if you do not have a dA account)

Thanks for helping me reach 22 fans!! I'll probably try to draw something special when I hit 25 XD What would you like to see for that marker? Do you have a fave character in the comic yet who you would prefer to see doing something awesome to thank all of you for fanning?
March 29th, 2015
Guess who just submited her scholarship yesterday!! You can expect everything on here to return to normal XD not that much happened here (a lot happens in a week! I mean really like damn!)

Novella chapters will be posted AFTER the chapter is finished as a comic! So while I dohave more written as a book, I will not release the chapters early on account of spoilers!

Also just got back from a three day survival camp out XP hiked up a steep incline for a good 3 hours with other boy/venture scouts and then got to build my own shelter out of fallen branches of trees and various items that had been packed as though we were all going on a day hike. Pretty much simulation of getting lost in a forest overnight!

Was too damn cold though, so we all pretty much woak up at 2am (having gone to bed around 10pm) and stayed up till dawn which is when we packed up and left XD
Was a pretty epic experience! Great group of people too! Apparently the deagu crew does it every month so who knows XD maybe if I go next month I won't feel as dead afterwards and I'll be better prepared!
Sorry for the delayed reply!! Been very busy with camping and scholarships ^^;
A lot has changed over the past week and I've actually finished my scholarship work, however I decided not to post the written chapters until the pages of that chapter in the comic have all been posted XD as to avoid spoilers and such.

And now that the scholarship is done I will again be back to working on here regularly so there will be no worry about missed updates!
Chapter One Start!
Thank you all for your support and for helping me pass 20 fans! I am also happy to announce that I have made enough buffer to pass the length of time I will be spending working on the Inari Novella ;w; So I will not be missing any weekly updates any time soon!

If you are interested in Reading the written Version of this story feel free to check it out on Wattpad!
Over the next few days I hope to post about a chapter a day, should have the entire book posted by the 31st (though it will still technically be a draft) Once the book is completed it will be removed! So catch it while its there, and if not you will have to either buy it or wait to see the pages XD
March 14th, 2015
ok so //sobs//
I may or may not fall behind on updates..
my parents are stressing out about me and scholarships, so I am being forced to spend nearly every moment I am on the computer working on college stuff and scholarships =.=

One of the scholarships though is a short story contest, and I plan on using Inari for that, so if anything, you will be able to continue reading this in a written format instead of a comic ;w;

You can also expect at least one acrylic painting that is based on this comic, since that is for another scholarship i found.

On another note!
This is the last page of the prologue!
Meaning Chapter One begins next week and you will get to meet some more new characters o3o

If anything, to keep up with updates I might start posting sketches of pages, and then later on updating them, because i have most of Chapter 1 sketched ;w;
March 13th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: lol I've been there before XD moving back to my hometown! Also it's not my first time moving, started out in Las Vegas, then to Korea, then to Oregon, then to Washington, then to japan and then Korea again, now going back to Washington since that's where I lived the longest and still know people.

Also I've visited Michagan, Texas, Arizona, California, Italy, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines X3 traveling's a constant experience for me lol
March 11th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Eventually I'll be moving to Washington State for College o3o but before that idk yet XD It'll be where ever my dad gets a job unless he doesn't get one before I start classes XD
March 10th, 2015
Almost Chapter End!
Waaaa I dissapear from here for a while and come back to almost 20 fans!! //is shot// Wow! Thanks so much to all of you!! And I've been really busy to make sure that the next chapter makes it out on time without any missed dates!!

I've also been really busy being an admin in an RP group on deviantART so a lot of my art time has been going to re-making the map and format of that group! Feel free to check it out! The-Underground-City

anyways! I hope to get as much of this comic done as possible, because I will be Moving to america this summer! Which means no spring break trip to kyoto //sobs//
if i finish this book with more then enough buffer to post, and i mean like totally finish

I will put the full version up for sale to those willing to pay to see the pages without waiting ;)
March 10th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Yay thanks so much for entering! I have added it to the list of entries on the contest journal! It will also be featured on the art page on this comic when I finish coding it!
February 28th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Ms paint works just fine! Just screen cap the pallet you want and use the eye-dropper tool to copy the colors :) the website I've linked you has millions of different color pallets to work with and you can choose any one of them! but it has to be from the website ;) thats part of the contest.
February 21st, 2015
Quite happy with the effects on this page XD
A bit sad about how they cover up some of the details in that last panel though XD
<small>and i forgot to save psd for this page *sobs*</small>
but anyhoww So many awesome arts have been entered in my contest ;w;
Gonna be a hard choice when choosing a winner..
February 15th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: added screenshots of the contest's information to the author's comment on this page ^^ Here's a link to the color pallet website as well since the picture wont link to it XD
also deviantart points are 100pts= 1$ ^^ so since you are entering through here and not deviantart I would be willing to send the prize via paypal
February 15th, 2015
New Page
Ahh thank you guys all again so much for the fans!! I'll soon have an art tab up to show all the art that this comic has gotten from those participating in the contest on deviantART!!

Go check if out if you havent entered already!!
<img src=" 8i7kut.png"/>
<img src=" 8i7kuq.png"/>
February 10th, 2015
13 Fans! ;w;
Thanks so much for the 13 Fans!! I really appreciate it!!

Been subbing a lot lately and I had this class just the other day that was so perf, they sat silently and did their work and I was able to get almost all of chapter 1 sketched out in my notebook while they did so. Hngg such an amazing class for reals, 3rd grade is so much easier to deal with then 1st graders. Did have to confiscate some Pokemon cards towards the end of the day though lol, those things are traded like drugs I swear its so amusing to watch XD

Did have one kid kick another kid in the nuts in the last 5 minuites of the day though... its like GAH 5 MORE MINUITES KID, COULD YOU NOT HAVE BEEN GOOD FOR 5 MORE MINUTES
but whatever XD the rest of the class was amazing. left a long note of praise for their teacher.

And Valentines Day is coming up this weekend!! Hope you all have fun! Dont you DARE spend it mopeing around if you're single! I'm single as well and I plan on making the most of the day! Gonna spend it with a bunch of my fellow single friends and got a con to go to the next day! So whatever you plan on doing that day, whether its by yourself, with friends or with your date HAVE FUNN! Don't let it be a cliche day of depression XD
February 10th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Thanks for getting back to me on that! Im glad I was able to help out X3
January 29th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Edited the percentage of screen place that its supposed to take up :) Hope its better on your screen now!
January 28th, 2015
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Thanks!
And thanks for pointing that out, I've been attempting to use a percentage code to make those look better on other screens. So far I've gotten them to a size that works for iPhone's and my personal laptop. But those aren't necessarily common screen sizes so I totally understand if it doesn't work on yours. Mind if I ask what your's is so that I can adjust it to work with that size as well?
January 28th, 2015
Wow O.O So many fans since the last page was posted, Thank you all so much!
Anyhow, the next few pages of this comic will be using the color pallet shown on the cover of this chapter!
I did test out some other pen sizes while drawing the next few pages as well (mainly because I forgot the settings I had used on the first two pages ^^; You'll really notice it in the next page.