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I just found this comic. I have to say, you're doing a very good job, far better than anything I could do. Instant fave.
Great comic!

Hey look, a random red dot on the divide between panels three and four!
Mutsumi's answer was predictable, Dante's answer was simply typical.
>Get Espeon some clothes... after you check for traps
Where in the world did you get that font. I've been trying to find it but can't.
Very clever Dregan, my name has backfired I see. This will be fun trying to get around now.
@Angel85: The unfortunate reality of the matter is that the meteor would kill the frog on his head, but simply bounce off of Big.
>Wait for something interesting to happen.
>Give the customer a bottle-o'-beer. Then use your conversational skills to get him to buy more.
On a side note, you might notice that I found a way around the commenter trap, mwuhahahahhahahahhaaa!!
>Wipe that surprised look off your face and greet your first customer.
> Take out book titled "Being a Barmaid for Dummies"