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I'll miss you, David. I've only read this comic for the last year or so, but I've enjoyed seeing your updates.
I just wanted to say that I love your art style. Especially the red circles (blushes) on the faces.
Hey so
I don't know if you've ever answered this question (probably have) but, what's with Izzy's eyes? The way they're green and striped n' shit? Do other people see them like that?
I almost wish his "package" would jiggle a little considering it's in a little speedo thing.
While I am a sexual person, I don't make strict generalizations about asexual/aromantic people. I don't expect them to understand what it feels like on my side, nor do I expect sexual people to understand. Only I can understand.

It's fine to rant, but then to freak out on someone because they don't know what you're talking about is pretty...........I can't find a word for this.
I think the change in style could symbolize development of the relationship/Alice's chapters of life? I dunno, I just think that'd be coo
Oh, Hack
Don't worry
I've spazzed out about the nerdy guys before without having said two words to them.

What a rape-your-retina-pink Dx
I think theres a typo in the next-to-last panel. Choses oAo
Sorry, I r grammar nazi .3.
Even in early morning times
Big hair, small faces
September 7th, 2011
Is this comic set in Japan? o-o
Kindof hard to tell lol
I assume its not because there are no traditional Japanese uniforms
Everyone's name seems to be Japanese
I bet....
Joey coulda been killed anyways. Without Kole dying.
Jeannes hat(hood?) makes me think of Blair's from Soul Eater. Just how it makes all ze crazy turns and such
Matthew has an Alucard face! ;D
September 22nd, 2010
Le gasp!
ZEBIS BRITISH?!?!!?!?!*insta-rape*
Does that demon kid remind me of Joey only without all the fluffy cuteness?
Oi, Oi, Oiiiiii
*raises hand* Oiiiiiii did you get Laura to marry you? o-o''
Is what my mum drinks, and the only actual reason I started drinking vodka is because
1.I come from a family of alcoholics
2.My mum usually gets ze money from me so I feel that I deserve to have a taste or two, sadly it's very cheap vodka
And 3.Wombats
Why I shared this I has no fuckin clue D:
But wait....
Chaos creator person! This isn't beer! It's booze, and therefore a form of alcohol!!! D:
Sorry Laura, I wasn't paying attention....I was however enjoying myself to the free booze =3=