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nothing to say...
@D: O_O
Never thought this would get comments after 2 years.
I thank you for taking the time reading this horrible silly story.
As you say, the writing on this was very poor and pacing is terrible, one of the reasons that it went on hiatus was a lot of unfixable plotholes and severe burnout.

About the warning.
There was the warning about this comic was read right to left but it was deleted when i enter on hiatus because i assumed no one would read this again.

About Ayla.
You know, you're the very first person to actually dislike Ayla XD
It's kinda a breath of fresh air! hahaha! Yeah, she has a lot of bad stuff, in more of her backstory, when she was younger, she rampaged all over the village after one incident and almost killed her adoptive father.

About Kokei:
Yeah, he has the patience of a saint (Because i have met people with that godly ammount of patience) There was suppossed to be an arc where it shown he's conflicted because he resented her but also love as her little sister.

About motivations.
Since this is a unfinished work, that is a little unfair considering they only made one appearance kinda like introduction and that's it, also giving their motivations right away is also bad writing, no person is 100% open book but because some of them were very criptic, it's a valid argument.

Now since i don't think i will keep updating this comic (It's terrible, i know of it, now that i look at it and have been writing other comic and reading stuff) i think i should say something about them.

Silax and Mirk are just soldiers of the empire but they are Yuzcazis using a shapeshifting spell on them, they're working together with Koi who has a secret agenda, that's why Koi lets them go on chapter 2.

Karabusha has a grudge against Ayla because he lost his master because of her.

Icecream is your friendly neighborhood android that always save then at the last posible moment because of a promise with their father.

The big bear just wanted to eat them because Ayla insulted his child XD

The robed man that caused all that destruction in that ruins just likes to cause trouble, he's like the advisor of the kingdom but mischievous, crazy and lazy, that's why he didn't capture them.

The white haired one which is name was Dunklen was a person that hates all the Yuzcazi the same(That's why he treated Ayla like a thing, freak, etc) And it seems to have a connection to the Vansenhower.

About missing words. is true that english is not my native language but it's not because of that i missed words, it also happens in my native language, my mind works faster than i type so i think i already wrote that word when instead i didn't XD

But yes, i'll try to ask someone that favor.

Anyways, again i thank you very much for reading this story and leaving this critique, it has reaffirmed my decision of leaving this story for good and concentrate in other ones.

PS: Sorry for the wall of text ^^;
oh lookie, an ayla discussing :P
Kokei imparting his wisdom to the whole world before a fight.
White haired guy is not amused.
Heaven or Hell!
Duel 1!
Let's rock!
Yay! chapter 8 is finished! *phew*
Time for chapter 9!
Action scenes are hard.
I don't know why but i loved doing these backgrounds :D
end of negotiations? :P
karma is a funny thing.
reasoning is the way...i think.
shoujo ayla :P
Ayla, what are you planning?
Making spells chants is hard....
c'mon ayla! you already saw that attack doesn't work.
bye bye, human form.
wow...this guy...