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He understands, maybe, but does he accept? Hm, mixed messages...
It's an interesting point that Blackie's making.
Yotsuba, maybe it was too fast? I mean, I'm all for sappy romantic boy-lovin' conclusions, but it was like..."Gosh, I really like you, but sorry, I can't marry you. Wait, you saved my life? No no, what I mean to say was that I'm deeply madly in love with you and let's defy my parents' wishes and get married!" But hey, I'm not the author! ^.~
I agree, lip-reading isn't very hard at all.
I always kinda wondered why the Little Mermaid didn't just write out her story on a piece of paper. I mean, if the prince is to believe it after Marlin gets his voice back, what's to stop him trying the kiss beforehand to see if it works?
I was wondering what story you'd do next. Marlin is so cute! Love the hair pin.
Ohno! How's the Stepmother going to try to deceive the prince? It wouldn't work too well substituting her daughters for Ashes, but she's EVIL. I'm sure she'll find a way.
I am likin' that prince!
I agree that Jon is better looking than Daisuke. I feel so bad for him, he loves David so much!
Ohoho, "he's so cool and handsome," eh? Is that a little attraction right there?