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November 11th, 2010
So it's not back, yet you are going to keep adding pages. Or at least, add a page. I think you might secretly be Dr. Jerk.
Dang, that sucks. Oh well, thanks for the comic while it lasted. See you at OldWizard.
Poor skeleton. Now he's empty inside.
Unwanted lifeforms go in the dumpster.
He'd do something else if only he knew how.
Poor Carl
Sweet monster effect.
It was a bountiful harvest at the dirt farm.
I can't remember the last time you had such a unique recurring character. I'll take it.
Mmm... ectoburger
Hamster Laitn sounds more bad-ass than Pig Latin.
Does this mean that there weren't any cookies to begin with?
Is he dreaming of some sort of crazy creature future? Or is he just a little touched in the head?
Hopefully she's an acute triangle. I don't need to imagine obtuse lovin.
August 22nd, 2010
Cool little story.
It's like Arthur's lady of the lake, only with a penis instead of a sword.
I'd live in the Pig Universe. I bet if people tasted like bacon then cannibalism might be more acceptable.
Left over from the supermarket's grand opening?
I never really pictured you as the Hamburglar, but you know what, it works.