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When you realize your "description" on this site is super dated and from like... five years ago. Oh the horror. I can't even come up with a new profile now, I'm just gonna leave this here so that the dated version is gone. Farewell old description.
I want Atty to lose his mind, prove that while his Pokemon may not look the best to all of these pompous brats, at least he can draw them wonderfully to prove how much he loves them because he thinks they're amazing and he cares about them a lot (except without the word "love" cause it's Atty... also cue the reveal of the artwork he's been drawing throughout the comic). The rich people are not impressed and mock his work and his emotions, and it is in that moment that Atty decides that yeah. He feels no guilt about stealing from these people to save DT.

That is what I want for Atty. (well technically I want people to love his art and realize he does awkwardly care for his Pokemon but like... the comedic potential)
On the one hand I wanna know WHY WOULD YOU LIE, but on the other hand I get that you are probably having an identity crisis because Sooch, my man, I've been there. But uh, for all of our sanity and for the great romance you have before you, please figure your adorable self out fast. Sooch. My honey. My dearest. Good luck.
Actually my first thought was "You little shit" but you know, tomayto tomahto. Git works too. :P
Panel four Gannet is giving Nala and her come hither gaze from Can You Feel the Love Tonight a run for their money.

I love all these expressions. All of them. But I especially love the detail in the third panel because Bailey's arms are shaking and to be honest that's all I ask for. A shaking, stuttering Bailey. (wreck him the way he deserves, Gannet - I mean, also be cute and in love and stuff and make sure you both become awesome, supportive boyfriends, but also... wreck him)

Honestly this whole comic is just so marvelous and funny and awesome.
@CuteMissyCat: I'm with you. Shizu is perfectly fine, but I love Kaoru even if he does dumb things sometimes.
Kaoru... sweet child... I love you... so please stop scaring Naoto... Before I find myself having to love you less...
How do I always end up rooting for the least popular of the potential romance interests? Because I really like this Kuro... (pssst, "this Kuro", please don't screw it up, I'm trying to root for you here and your flower stunt nearly gave me a heart attack)
I'm working on a submission! I just need my homework to give me a break so I can finish.

Oh my god this has got to be the cutest page yet. Their expressions are so sweet and Micah's ruffled hair is marvelous.
Are they taking the CAR?! But… but… the moped's gas mileage!
Still, I suppose if it is an opportunity for awkward car rides I can definitely accept it.
I have great secondhand embarrassment for Atty on this page.
Maybe by some great twist of ridiculous fate the next page will have Fish evolving. (I am very attached to Fish, who still possesses his badge by the way (or at least… I think Fish still has Atty's badge) so I think that's gotta count for something)
Or, you know, maybe Fish will remain a Magikarp and I'll be sad for Atty losing so spectacularly. Unless he's allowed Rat and Oddish. Who knows.
I do love this comic, though. Keep up the good work!
I can't lie, I think I tried to contain my laughter at the last panel and instead unceremoniously spat on the computer screen. Their faces are marvelous.
Kaoru, honey, I want Naoto to fall in love with you instead of Shizu. But let us recall what happened the last time Naoto was given a humongous bouquet of flowers. Unless that was Shizu who gave him those flowers, but it seems more like a 'you' thing, so can we simply reference past experience and acknowledge that for you to properly convey your love and hopefully receive Naoto's love in return you maybe should go down a different route? A less flowery one? Please, I just want your romance with Naoto to be amazing.

He's BOUND to be so mad.

… Ahem. Is he now? Or, perhaps, the one who will be… bound… will be you, Hiro-kun?

I'm going to pretend I'm done here. Thank you for the wonderful pages!
Takashi's soul looks so concerned as it drains out of his mouth. "Did he say something bad? Why am I leaving? He says he accepts our hobby! This… isn't a good thing? Is the teacher angry? Takashi let me back in, I don't know what's going on."
Can Atty relight it with his cigarette lighter? Like mouth-to-mouth but for fire types? So… a lighter? Instead? Can this work? PLEASE.
Rooting for Kaoru. Go Kaoru go!
Though these flowers make me nervous. Not sure this is the best way to go. Unless you pull a wife joke? Oh gods Kaoru I want Naoto to pick you but I am so concerned when you go around wielding obnoxiously large flower bouquets! Are you about to screw up?
Roll a critical hit and win, precious Kaoru.
Though to be clear this is not a game and Naoto is not a prize, Kaoru. I think you know that, but the way you are acting makes me worried. PLEASE DON'T TREAT IT AS A GAME OR HIM AS A PRIZE! I just want you to genuinely love him.
'Scuse you, Miss Artemis, that there is a Charmeleon and her name is Dragonthing. Respect.

Though if he gets three Pokemon that means Rat and Oddish and those be two types that are strong against water. Even if Atty doesn't know their moves I can sense Rat's intelligence, so she will know thundershock is the way to go. And Oddish will just… dance and hopefully razor leaf will just magically happen.
Though clearly Ygritte was in charge of writing the names on the board.
Who wants to hear something sad? I just noticed Stein has a feather earring. I feel extremely blind and dumb.
He does not have a point! Living, fire-breathing almost-dragon of awesome does not equal brown jumper. No.
Go buy a ball of yarn and if you lose he can have that and his non-mostly-blind girlfriend can make a new jumper.