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Drawing, writing and singing are my hobbies. Rain, lightning, thunder, animals, rock/metal music, mythology, Gothic art and architecture, romance and fantasy are things I like. Me? I'm probably considered a feminist who fantasizes about magic actually existing.
And that's all you get to know.
Deal with it. :)

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Comment on Chapter 9 Page 27 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 12 Jan 2015 05:17 pm
'Scuse you, Miss Artemis, that there is a Charmeleon and her name is Dragonthing. Respect.

Though if he gets three Pokemon that means Rat and Oddish and those be two types that are strong against water. Even if Atty doesn't know their moves I can sense Rat's intelligence, so she will know thundershock is the way to go. And Oddish will just… dance and hopefully razor leaf will just magically happen.
Comment on Chapter 9 Page 13 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 14 Dec 2014 12:16 am
Though clearly Ygritte was in charge of writing the names on the board.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 86 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 31 May 2013 04:12 pm
Who wants to hear something sad? I just noticed Stein has a feather earring. I feel extremely blind and dumb.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 57 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 07 Mar 2013 07:34 pm
He does not have a point! Living, fire-breathing almost-dragon of awesome does not equal brown jumper. No.
Go buy a ball of yarn and if you lose he can have that and his non-mostly-blind girlfriend can make a new jumper.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 56 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 06 Mar 2013 10:08 pm
George, what are you saying?! Atty looks wonderful in his jumper. I don't care what people say, I love that jumper to pieces. I want it.

DT, burn the witch... and her humanoid Pokemon Gym Trainer thing. (though I hold nothing against them really, they've got Atty's jumper, a rare item that shall not be possessed by fools such as them)
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 50 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 14 Feb 2013 07:54 pm

Drat, I was hoping to see his reaction to her when she actually evolved. Now I'll never know... until she's a Charizard, I guess.

You go, DT! I'm cheering for you!

... and Atty, I guess.
Comment on Eternal Gift: page 03 of MYth
Demonic-Wanderer, 19 Oct 2012 03:03 pm
This is sad. This is my fourth time reading this and I just... This part makes me sad, because I know what happens later. HADES ITS SO SAD! CHERISH HER WHILE YOU CAN AND HER DAUGHTER EVEN MORE!
And Demeter... Oh my god, I'm so sorry you lose him. He's the awesomest. You two make me cry.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 15 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 15 Oct 2012 05:37 pm
He should battle George. You tend to get more experience in trainer battles anyway, and it seems to me she's been building up a stock of bug Pokemon perfect for DT's fire. Not to mention that Pidgey that Pikachu could easily electrocute.
Comment on Chapter 1 Page 11 of Rumplestiltskin
Demonic-Wanderer, 02 Oct 2012 07:58 pm
Ha! I knew it! You couldn't fool me. How creative to make a new language that, when written, is basically impossible to read. Very clever. :P

I was wondering for a second about the art. 'WHOA! Something changed here...' And then it was a book and all was well again.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 9 of Mokepon
Demonic-Wanderer, 24 Sep 2012 08:45 pm

And no! Charmeleons are awesome and they kind of remind me of Badboy Teenagers. (though... DT is a girl so... Tomboy?) George, you can't stop awesomeness! DT EVOLVE AND GROW A HORN AND THEN WINGS AND JUST BE OVERALL AWESOME! Go, Atty, go!

This comic still makes me happy.

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