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*sniffle* I wanna be close to Sapphir tooooo.....
1st love?
I love the last panel. Saph's stance looks all strong and shit, and Petz (?) looks all demure...Although Saph isn't a part of the bet, will he get *some* first? Or will it come down to the kiss of the century?
A "Green" Saph?
Wow! Saph is eco-friendly?! Loves it!
Your work is absolutely scholarly - I would wait forever to see your new stuff! Okay maybe not forever ?_?(anxiety doesn't suit me)
...but I'll wait on you- cuz hey, you're the one with the goods!Rock on Frizzy!
Kunz is a SEXY mofo!
Damn. Kunz looks incredibly delish with the cheekbones and tan there.I may have eye-raped him a bit T_T...I would have paid to see some hot guy fight between Kunz and Neph. Ahhh..a girl can dream, huh?
** @ Jadeite's shaking form. Lesbian fan club..ha!
Lmao@ Seiijurou! And at Ikuko's almost caught laugh. She was gettin' it, huh? Poor Shingo...for I too know what it's like to walk in on something a young mind should never see...*sigh..emotional scarring.
Hot Sets!
Setsuna looks hot in this! I think Ussagi's face looks pretty cute in panel 1. And yeah? What's up with Shingo? Almost looks like he got caught watching a dirty movie...
About was my crack in high school..*shame...
Its always the smart ones!
What's Ami got planned? Icy hot in the guys undies? It would be EPIC!