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I was really happy with how this turned out! A major improvement from this page's first incarnation wayyy back in 2008...

Anyways, Charlotte, Brett and Erik together again after such a long time.

Brett has undergone a bit of a redesign, with medium brown hair (as opposed to blonde), and has been aged up quite a bit from his 12ish appearance to a high schooler. Charlotte's hair has become lighter colored and a little fuller, with more to her bangs (no more giant forehead. Muahaha), and is now in her new work uniform. And Erik's out of the high color jacket for once. Yayyy!
Prologue Complete!
Click the heart to activate it.

So yeahhhh it's not a super complicated animation or anything, but eh, I thought it would look cool. Also, I was totally going to put "Oh Glory" by Panic! At the Disco to play as the page slid up, because that is basically my 'dream theme' for this whole thing nowadays, but I don't want to get in trouble for using licensed music ~_~...

Anyways! Prologue Completed~! *fanfare*

I also went back and resized all of my pages up til now from a 600x960 ratio to 500x800. I figured that would look nicer... but I kept the bigger files, in case people want me to post that size again instead. We'll see how this works. (I can't tell if the text is too small this way? IDK. Work in progress.)

Anyways! Goal reached! Finished Prologue: The Wallflower before Halloween~!!!!
Non-Animated for the Mobile Folks
Since flash doesn't work for most mobile browsers, here's a "non-animated" version.
Dust to Dust
Yeahhhh a little bit of a nasty image...
but figured "I should probably show what happened to the keys!" before I forgot (he stuffed them in his pocket), and list in the comic (instead of just in comments...I have a bad habit of that), what the Heart Burn Threads kinda do...

And she died 2 pages ago, so she's not alive for the dissolve. Just... um... a little reassurance? Maybe?
Anyways, gruesome way to go....

And yeah, Erik likes to talk to himself a lot...
Heart Burn
So yeah, another use for the Heart Strings is the 'Heart Burn" feature, which is used for body disposal. After making the line re-attach to the corpse, a supernatural flame, started from a snap, will cause a small spark to descend the line to the vessel, burying it inside. After that, the corpse will quickly burn from the inside out, leaving only dust and no scorch marks.

Yeah, no 'heart attack' excuse this time.
It's too bad that Amy's gone, because now I can't draw her adorable freckles anymore. *sniffle*
Edit Page
I realized that I uploaded the wrong version of this page!
Amy's dialogue is now fixed.
So I like this approach to exploring Erik hunting, versus his first incarnation... where his victim was already shown dead before he went after Charlotte. This time, Erik is active and shows one way he retrieves his 'ingredients", using his 'heart strings'. He does have a whole arsenal of harvesting tools, this one is just the simplest method(though it definitely doesn't tickle...).

Just a tidbit of trivia.
Poor poor Amy...
Lost her heart to the first man she ever danced with.

Don't forget to check the Thief of Hearts Tumblr for extra things, like the gallery and concepts!
@Hakked Ooooo! I didn't hear that song before! I like it~!
Being Productive
This is what happens when my online courses' website goes down... more pages.

Oh well, being productive is good, right?
Yeah, maybe it was a dumb idea for a person with a serious heart condition to go dancing about then go for a jog through a garden... Go figure.
Whewww... another back to back update...
I had a really rough day, so I channeled all my frustration into making this page, and I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. It's getting all dark and shady now...

Anyways, sorry about the hectic update schedule... I'm still getting into the rhythm of how much time I have to work on this and homework and work-work, so soon I'll have a set schedule... however, I'm hoping to get this chapter completed before Halloween arrives.
The Freckles Return
Yayyy! In my opinion, cutest feature. :3

So Amy's rebelled against her better judgement... and I don't blame her because that garden looks awesome.
Back-To-Back Update
Yup. I had an big energy drink so I was supercharged and continued onward.

Happy October everyone~!!
Favorite Month! XD
Drawing dancing couples is hard... ~__~
and I'm really sleepy.
Fun Fact: The music notes are similar to those featured during the song "Miss Jackson" by Panic! At the Disco. :3

Erik's mask is depicted rather dark, but it's a mesh that he can see through. So, no he isn't just walking around blind. XD

I've been in my element lately with drawing... I've already drawn a few renditions of Charlotte in the last few days (check them out on my Tumblr site if you're interested!).
@Keenan: Don't worry. Charlotte will appear sooner or later. She isn't gone.
Back to Back Update?
Yeah, I had a little extra time on my hands (and I had a mondo-sized energy drink earlier), so I was able to produce this page. :3
Hehe... I love the 'lovely?' frame so much...